Want Business Success? Do this...
Want Business Success? Do this…

A recent college grad received a promotion in her first year on the job, but felt unprepared to take on the challenges of this new role.

She sought the advice of Mrs.Hook , a seasoned and well-respected member of management. 

“Mrs. Hook, what is the one thing in your career to which you attribute your success?”

Mrs. Hook thought to herself a moment and then said…

“Being able to make the right decision at the right time really helped me get ahead.”

“What helped you make the right decisions?”

“Well, experience goes a long way in helping you make the right decisions.”

“But how do you know which experiences are the right experiences that will help you make the right decisions?” the young lady asked…

“You don’t, Hook replied. “Usually , you make the wrong decisions and then you learn.”

Fail often, fail fast and those experiences will lead you to success.

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