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Together we build your vision of what success looks like & set goals.
Hanging out on beach worry free, sailing the Caribbean, a fast car…

FREE 4 Secrets of Success Download


Together we build your business plan regardless of the stage:
Come up with an Idea, Idea Stage, Product Stage, Expansion Stage.

FREE 4 Secrets of Success Download


We sit side by side as you execute your plan. Communication channels so we can always stay connected and you get timely guidance.

FREE 4 Secrets of Success Download

Student Stories

James C. was part of successful teams, but yearned to start his own business. He left his corporate job to start his own business. James C. met Brandon through his co-founder and they hit off. It was not easy, but James built a minimum viable product, a team and managed to raise over $3m in venture capital money for Staq. They are going strong to this day. James experience working with Brandon:, "He is a walking business calculator. The numbers just roll out of him from market sizing to financing and growing your biz. He'll give you the straight answer based on the scenario. Plus, he's actually a successful entrepreneur too, so he knows the hurdles we are facing." - James C.
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About Brandon White

I've been where you are right now

I started my career as an entrepreneur twenty years ago and out of the gate I failed because I did not know the core principles to building a successful business and I did not have a Mentor to lean on when I needed advice.

Then I got smart, got a Mentor and building on some success I had with my second try at building a business and financing it, I created a simple business framework to live by.

I tried it on different types of businesses and it worked. I built an online passive income business, a clothing business, and a software company.

I continued to follow the framework and managed to successfully sell a company. It allowed me to pay off all my student loans, my car loan, credit card debt, buy a nice house at the beach, a new sports car and as importantly gave me financial independence.

This site started off as simple as me helping some friends with their business. People generally had the same questions so I recorded some lessons following the framework. Word spread and people started asking me for it.

Here it is. Many people helped me along the way to success and I aim to help you.

I’m still in business just like you and understand the daily struggles, frustrations and how good success feels.

I hope you find the framework helpful and wish you my type of success. – Brandon

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