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I’ve been fishing since I was a kid from trout fishing the local stream on our farm to largemouth bass fishing in ponds, to catching striped bass on the Chesapeake Bay on the trips my Grandfather would set up for us each summer.

As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to start, grow and eventually sell what became the largest social networking and e-commerce site for sport fishermen on the Internet. It started out as Chesapeake Angler, grew to Worldwide Angler and transformed into Tidal Fish.

Turns out putting a magazine on the Internet and selling related products wasn’t such a bad idea after all. I started the site in 1996 in a spare bedroom on my, then girlfriend, now wife’s Apple LC 475 computer and some “borrowed” internet space on the schools web servers where I was working on my Masters Degree. You can read about landing that fish if you’re interested, but this page is dedicated to my fishing adventures.

Living your dream job would about sum things up, I fished my home waters at the time of the Chesapeake Bay from the northern reaches of the Susquehanna Flats to the mouth of the Chesapeake at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel year round. 

I was also lucky enough to travel the world in search of bonefish in the Seychelles Islands, to the southern most tip of the earth in Terra Del Fuego chasing sea run brown trout, the northern boarder of Argentina chasing Golden Dorado, to giant trout from north to south in Patagonia, to Alaska for the best steelhead fishing in the world, to almost every island chain in the Bahamas to about every country in Latin America that has the potential to catch a bonefish, permit, tarpon or billfish. I’ve explored and fished coast to coast in Florida, trout in the Rockies, Wyoming and Montana, up to the Great Lakes, and all along the coast of California as well chasing the striper migration all long the east coast year round.

To give you an idea how much I loved doing it…when I was on the water chasing the striped bass as they migrated up and down the east coast I used think about how many migrations I had left in my life vs. a less fishing obsessed person who would count their time in years. For me, it’s migrations 🙂

I literally have thousands of fishing cool fishing pictures from some amazing places on earth and this page is dedicated to sharing them with you.

Fishing is one of the most enjoyable and challenging outdoor sports you’ll ever do. It’s brought me to places I would have never imagined and given me the opportunity to meet people you’d never guess were there.

While my first love in saltwater fly fishing, I also enjoy freshwater fly fishing and light tackle fishing for just about anything. I avoid trolling at all costs, it’s boring…then again I’ve caught 500lb Blue Marlin and giant Bluefin Tuna trolling which was some fun, sometimes you have to do what it takes 🙂 

If you have any questions about destinations, techniques or anything else fishing feel free to contact me.

This page is under construction as of March 2024 so check back regulary if you want to see some big fish pictures. A few fun ones below to get started.

I also aim to do the write ups of many of the destinations, especially the places that have lodges that you can book and catch some amazing fish too! ><)))’>

fly fishing roosterfish
Golden Dorado Fly Fishing Argentina
fly fishing steelhead Alaska
fly fishing bonefish Seychelles Islands blanco fly
fly fishing trout
fly fishing cobia virginia beach, va
fly fishing blue fish
fly fishing albie montauk, ny
fly fishing striped bass blanco fly new york
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