Trevally Personal Contacts Manager

Trevally – The worlds best personal contacts manager.

I got tired of NOT having all my contacts from my personal and work life in one spot, the contacts not staying up to date so I never know when someone has moved to a new job/position and not being able to do anything with my contacts.

So I put the money, got our old engineering team back together from a previous company that was backed by a Tier 1 VC firm where we had already successfully built a contacts analysis software program that is use in the Department of Defense and US Governament, and we set out to build a consumer SaaS version to finally solve this decades long problem. If you email me you’ll get an invite.



how to write a business plan business plan book by Brandon White

Back of the Napkin to…Business Plan in 11 Slides.

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Back of the Napkin to…Business Plan in 11 Slides, So easy you can do it on a flight from San Francisco to New York, delivers a no fluff, no sales pitch, easy to follow template to get your business plan done quickly.


Brandon White didn’t just write a book —it’s a paradigm shift. Infused with lived wisdom and hard-earned triumph, Brandon’s guide to creating a concise, actionable business plan is nothing short of a revolution.

This isn’t about abstract theory—it’s a true-to-life playbook derived from the battlefields of entrepreneurship. Very few books seize your entrepreneurial spirit like this one. It’s not just instructive; it’s transformative. If you’re ready to leap forward and scale your venture, let Brandon be your guide.
– Joe Mechlinski, New York Times Best Selling Author, Grow Regardless, CEO of SHIFT

Insightful simplicity reflects mastery, and mastery is what Brandon White has achieved with Back of the Napkin to…Business Plan in 11 Slides.

His thesis is direct, clean, and shockingly easy to follow. This compelling work expresses uniquely refreshing purity of entrepreneurial thought. Delivering an impactful message: keep it simple, keep it real, keep it focused. Do yourself a favor, read this book!”
– Marty Strong​, Retired Navy SEAL Leader, CEO, and best selling author of Be Nimble: How the Creative Navy SEAL Mindset Wins on the Battlefield and in Business, and Be Visionary: Strategic Leadership in the Age of Optimization

This book is really just so awesome, I would personally give it to every entrepreneur building a deck and raising capital.“​
​- Sara Auld, Founder & CEO of Upper

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How to write a business plan

 How to Build a Business Plan in 11 Slides Online Course

I’ve successfully taught over 1,500 students this course. And I used to teach it to Daymond John and Robert Herjavec’s, from Shark Tank, entrepreneur program students.

It’s designed for entrepreneurs starting a company, business owners growing their company and intrapreneurs working on launching a new product or service in Fortune 1000 or similar company.

I used to charge as much as $5,000 for the course. A lot of people helped me achieve the success I have… that didn’t have to.

So I’m paying it forward and give the full course away for free if you want to take it on a self directed basis. Best way right now is to listen to the Business Plan podcast.  The videos will be posted on YouTube soon.  All worksheets for the course in downloadable PDF format.

I also teach this course to high school students for free through the Future Enterprisers program. If you’re interested in having me teach it, contact me.

If you want to take the course live I teach it once a year or you can hire me and my team to guide you 1:1 to build your business plan. Contact me for info.