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Category Archives: Fun and Random Stuff

Arctic Row – Message from Neal

I was going through a few photos and found this one from last year. A message from my good friend Neal Mueller who was part of a four man team last year to be first to row across the arctic. I helped support their expedition. This was a live shot from their boat he sent […]


Is 13 Really an Unlucky Number?

Thoughts from seat C row 5 on a Soutwest flight in route to San Francisco When I was booking my ticket a week ago my wife saw I was booking a ticket and asked what day I flying, I replied,¬† “The 13th”. She looked at me and said,”You do know that it will be Friday […]


Eat Some Schweddy Balls Ice Cream by Ben and Jerrys

Yesterday I wrote about the new Double Triple Oreo cookie and today I’m writing about ice cream. Yes, food is on my mind and some writing about all these fun foods I hope replaces the need to eat too much of them. It’s hard to forget the Saturday Night Live NPR skit starring Alex Baldwin […]


New Oreo Cookies – The Triple Double Oreo

OK, I have sweet tooth and Oreo cookies are at the top of the list. I’ll eat them any which way. No milk? No problem, I’ll eat them plain. Have milk?! All the better and watch out I’ll probably eat a whole row. I love the regular Oreos, the double stuffed or any one of […]


Why I am getting into road biking

Road biking has always been one of those things I was intrigued about, but never jumped into. Given I’ve had three ACL repairs and am in my late 30’s I decided it might be time to check out the sport. So this year I bought a bike magazine and checked out their recommendation in their […]


Fishing Podcasts

Over the years I have been doing fishing podcasts. I have interviewed fishing guides about where and how to fish different areas, scientists about fisheries conservation, well known anglers who own fishing companies and many other anglers in the fishing world. Most recently I have been maintaining all the fishing podcasts on the Lateral Line’s […]