Try The New ARC Browser by The Browser Company to Increase Your Productivity

Ever feel like the internet browser hasn’t been updated in years or even a decade. You’re not a alone, for the most part the Internet Browser has remained the same, tabs, like a ton of them, across the top, the URL bar at the top and some themes to make it feels customized to you. That’s if you can figure out how to even change the theme on the first place.

Today I’m introducing you to the ARC browser, a refreshing new approach to browsing the web. And before you say, Brandon I’m not switching my browser and hit the next button, give me a few minutes to explain, you’ll be glad you did because I had that reaction at first when I heard about ARC.

ARC was released to the public in April 2022 after going through months of a beta release. I was in the Beta, used it and honestly didn’t give it a fair shake. 

Comfort zones and habits can be dangerous and cause you miss out on (do hard things, get out of your comfort zones episodes from essay) opportunities to save time, energy and in some cases have fun…

ARC was designed from the ground up. it took me about 20 minutes to start to get used it and then got better and better over the following days. It’s full of big new ideas about how we should interact with the web — and it’s right about most of the time.

Let’s start with privacy they don’t track what you search for or what sites you visit. On top of that it’s fast. 

Then comes it features. The ones I love:

  1. Navivation, aka tabs, are on the left hand side of the page and fully customizable. 
  2. It has spaces so you can have a space for your personal and work environments. All easy to access with a swipe. 
  3. It has built in AI so it’s not your typical command F to find something on the page, you can ask the AI assistant about anything about the page, summarize it, find something etc.. It’s slick and speeds up time finding things on websites.

  4. The URL bar is not at the top of the page, don’t shake your head just yet. It’s out of the way on the right side of the page so when you’re on a website you get to experience the whole website a lot better because you have more height in your browser. I didn’t think it would make a big difference, but it does.

  5. Split screen. Sometimes I want to work on two screens cutting and pasting or referencing an article while I write. Arc makes it easy. You can even do three windows if your monitor is large enough.

Arc is built on the Chrome backbone so if you’re using Chrome plug ins you can use them with Arc with ease.

Download ARC at and give it a good honest try, you’ll be glad you did.

Your move.

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