YouTube Stats that Will Blow Your Mind

The EDGE YouTube channel

We’ve been working on the EDGE YouTube channel (if you check it out please subscribe because we need 100 subscribers to get a custom URL which would be nice to have) to upload and SEO all of our videos.

The more we get into YouTube the more I’ve realized how important it is to have a presence.

If you said, “You can only be on one social media channel. What do you pick?

I’d pick YouTube because the demographics cover a wide range and the reach is huge.

Yea, I know TikTok is getting a lot of press. Maybe it will be a YouTube at some point, but feedback I’ve been getting from friends who run businesses is that they get a ton of subscribers, but the customer conversion rates aren’t great for the effort you put in.

If you’ve had better success on TikTok please hit reply and let me know so we can share what you’ve learned with everyone.

YouTube has a long track record of producing success for reach, leads and leads that turn into customers.

Of course it’s not magic and takes some work, you have to make the videos, create good content, good titles, thumbnails and set up the SEO, but anything worth doing takes work.

If you’re not convinced so far, allow me to drop some YouTube stats on you:

  • According to Statista 2022, over 2.6 billion people worldwide use YouTube once a month.
  • Technically, YouTube is the second-largest search engine, after Google.
  • In 2021, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music together have more than 50 million subscribers around the world.
  • More than 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • Most YouTube users fall in the age group of 15–35. Stay with me because it’s not the full story on demographics…
  • YouTube accounts for around 25% of global mobile traffic.
  • With 74% of adult users, YouTube is the most popular online platform in the US.
  • An average YouTube visitor checks nearly nine pages per day.
  • YouTube is the second most popular platform for influencer marketing.
  • Total # of daily active users: 122+ million
  • 95% of the global internet population watches YouTube
  • Average mobile viewing session: 40+ minutes
  • Number of mobile views per day: 1 billion
  • 53.90% male, 46.10% female viewers

Impressive stats, worth checking out for your business if you haven’t already.

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SOURCES: Global Media Insight YouTube Stats

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