How to Think Quick in Business
How to Think Quick in Business

Want to know how to think quick in business? Keep reading…

A story circulated around Wall Street a while ago about a tough Chairman of a major company who stopped into a very famous restaurant in New York City for a quick bite .

Not being too hungry, he asked the waiter for half a tenderloin steak. Normally…

The waiter would simply have told him they didn’t serve half steaks, but given the importance of the customer, the waiter agreed and left of the kitchen.

Unbeknownst to the waiter, the Chairman followed him to the kitchen to tell hm he wanted the streak rare. As the waiter announced to the chef,

“I need half a steak for a real jerk,”…he noticed the chairman standing behind him and…

Without missing a beat, continued to comment to the chef…

“And the other half goes to this gentleman.” 

When you’re in business you’ve got to be able to think quick. Take a page from this playbook and keep it in your back pocket!

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