How to Rank Your Website Higher in Google by Improving This One Thing | Ep. 72 | Business Podcast

How to Rank Your Website Higher in Google by Improving This One Thing | Ep. 72 | Business Podcast


Google looks at hundreds of variables when ranking your website from the number of links to your site, what the anchor text of that link is, how long people stay on your site, how long your content is and…

This one metric I outline in this episode that your website is likely suffering from. 

I describe the problem and give you a solution you can easily implement. 

If your website is not using SEO tactics and ranking high, you’re missing our on valuable sales.

Listen and get your website tuned up today!

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Hello, brands. Welcome to build a business success. Secrets. I am your host, Brandon. See, White. And today I’m going to lay out for you one of the top three things that you can do to increase the S e o search engine optimization of your website. And this is really important because it’s free leads for you. You can rank for key words. So let’s not waste another second. Let’s get to it. Welcome to straight talk for entrepreneurs, Whether you’re starting with an idea or growing your business, this show is for you. Learn how to build a strong mindset, a powerful body and a profitable business.

Hi, I’m Brandon C. Right. And this is build a business success. Secrets we are on Day 20 three of a 30 day streak were just seven days away. I almost fell asleep and did not make this live. But I don’t want to break the streak. So I’m here. I’m gonna bring you this one tip. It’s actually I was hesitant to put it in the title that it could be the number one thing that’s now affecting S e o for any website, but it’s very hard to tell because there’s so many variables that Google takes into account when they do s e o ranking of sites. So I’m saying that this is in the top three for sure.

The tip is ISS site speed. If your site does not load its first, it will. In fact, if it doesn’t load completely in less than two seconds, you’re getting dinged on S E O. And Google is monitoring that. My personal site Brandon, see white dot com loads in 1.8 seconds. Now you need to monitor what you loads on a computer and what it loads on mobile. Ideally, you wanna have a website version of your site and a mobile version of your site. Ah, lot of people have one, and I’ve had one for a while. But I am now moving to a completely separate site for mobile so that it loads in an instant because on the mobile device there’s completely it’s really gonna say completely different. It’s completely different how it loads on a mobile device between the band, what your bandwidth constraints and the browsers that you’re using to load the page.

So ideally, you want to go to two sites and here’s a Here’s a tip H P T for Wednesday. You should go to Cloudflare and sign up. You can get a free account. I pay for the premium version because it gives you a bunch of other stuff. But at a minimum, sign up for Cloudflare to manage your domain and just do using their free service. You will speed up your site. Now there’s a bunch of settings they’ll walk you through. If you go to Cloudflare, just create an account. You could be able to add your domain. Now, if you aren’t completely tech savvy, you wanna have your Web master do this so that your site doesn’t go down because there’s some settings.

You have to change the DNA’s name servers on your domain host, and you’re not gonna potentially know how to do that. And I do not want your site going down. So tell your Web master that you you could go toe Cloudflare, and if you just Google Cloudflare, it’ll come up. You can sign up for the free account and then give it to your Web master so they don’t have to sign them up or if you have a good Web master. They’ll sign you up for you and you are going Thio. I’d say that on the free. You’re probably gonna save yourself. About 20 to 25% speeded up in general assuming that most of your stuff on your pages and terrible. So that’s the H p T. For those of you are just tuning in tonight.

Each PT is high percentage tip High percentage tip comes from my fishing days of our HP s s high percentage spots. I created high percentage tips, so H p T is site speed is affecting your CEO. You need to load in less than two seconds on your wet on the web. Use Cloudflare. Just Google Cloud flare and sign up for a free account. Get your web master to move your name servers over so that Cloudflare can manage your domain name and you’re going to get any huge efficiency just there. If you’re really serious and you’re serious about S e O, then I would pay for their premium. I don’t own their stock. I don’t get any perks. Nothing like that. This is just pure Simply I’m telling you that this is a key toe s e o a. Site speed and thank you friends for tuning into the show. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review.

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