Lessons Learned from Doing Thirty Days of Facebook Live that You Can Use to Improve Your Social Media Marketing | Ep. 71 | Business Podcast

Lessons Learned from Doing Thirty Days of Facebook Live that You Can Use to Improve Your Social Media Marketing | Ep. 71 | Business Podcast


I did thirty days of Facebook Live to see what would happen with our Facebook page and how it would effect our social media marketing.

Listen in to learn the lessons I learned and how you can use them to improve your social media marketing and ultimately gain more customers and make more money for your business.

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Hello, friends. Welcome to build a business success Secrets Podcast. I’m your host, Brandon. See White. And today I am playing a piece that I recorded in late 2000 and 19, and it was the last day of recording 30 days straight on Facebook, and I thought it was a relevant piece. It is on our Facebook page under videos, but sometimes our listeners here, like you, don’t always go to our Facebook page and check out the videos.

And it has some great reflections because they were really fresh in my head at the time about why you would do a marathon, if you will, whether that’s a Facebook, live or YouTube live or instagram live or you zoom. I talk about what tools that I use and how I went live across a bunch of channels and how to make that happen. And then what do you learn from doing that and what can you gleam? Ultimately, those 30 days of Facebook’s lives led to this podcast and has led to me publishing three episodes a week, which in itself is a pretty good accomplishment and take some time.

So listen in, get the insights that I gave and put it to work in your business on how you can leverage it to grow and sell more of your product. It’s not waste another second. Get to it. What’s going on? We are on day 30 of our 30 day streak. Yes, winning, winning winning goes to show. When you put your mind to something, you can make it happen. 30 days set out to make this happen toe. Learn about Facebook live and, ERM just about talking your messaging. So I learned a few things. Actually, I was thinking about it today.

I was going to teach a lesson, but I think the lesson is for anybody who’s building a business. Should you do Facebook lives and I think you should. But what I found is, if you want to be successful, you shouldn’t do your Facebook lives at nine o’clock Pacific time. My God, I am. That’s lesson one. So the our goal when we started these Waas really just to do one every day, and I think that’s well, I don’t think I know that’s how you start a have it. And when I studied with B J. Fogg from Stanford and got my certification degree from there, on top of my master’s degree in psychology, about counseling and habits and things like that. Basically, people talk about motivation, and I see all this stuff about entrepreneurs and motivation. You you can’t do stuff on motivation. You can’t do stuff on passion.

The problem is, is that whole scale drops and the behavior stops. We all know that we want to do is wait three days, four days into it gets hard Motivation drops. Behavior stops. You say you’re going to write in your journal every day and you get four days into it, and it become your motivation drops in the behavior stops, and I think you’re going down the list, and we all know that that’s why New Year’s resolutions don’t stick. It’s because what happens on January 1st or come leading up to it is there’s a ton of hype around your New Year’s resolution and make a new life for yourself and do all that well. First of all, my message to you is you could make a new life for yourself right now, moving forward, because the past of what I just said is gone, and there’s nothing we can do.

We’ve already spent that that time we spent the time currency. It’s over, Don. You can start doing anything you want to do right now. But the key is is that Yes, you need a little motivation in the beginning. But that’s not what you do in our goal here was to simply get on Facebook live, and that’s what we did. Now the schedule got crazy. And if I was to do another 30 day streak of Facebook lives, I would say we’re gonna do Facebook lives. We do my consistent time, and we’re going to communicate that consistent time to our audience. Now, when we started, we didn’t really have a big audience. In fact, our page here for build a business was completely new.

And I think we’re up to 12 or 1300 likes right now or whatever you wanna call on the page. So we made progress. We get a lot of views on our video, having gone from zero because 01 and 02 to 3 is an artist. So our goal was just to do that. And I encourage you just to do that. Whether if you go back through the 30 Facebook Lodge. You’ll see that there was a few nights that I probably didn’t do one for longer than three minutes, but that counted and that gets you on the board. So what I learned from Facebook live going back a little bit of off topic about how do you create a habit and how do you keep doing it? Because 30 days on Facebook live sounds like Oh, I could do it, but it actually pretty tough.

And what we did is we designed it around, making it simple, which was due a Facebook live every day and get on the board. And now if I were to do Facebook lives every day, I would tune it. But we’re not gonna do Facebook lives every day. They were going to shoot for Facebook lives maybe twice a week where our podcasts are. We got a ton of them in the hopper, and we’re gonna launch the podcast. We’ll put the episodes up here. They allow for a little bit more flexibility, and ultimately you can download those on the go Facebook live. It’s a little bit harder, sort of have to be at your screen, even if you’re on your phone and your driving.

You probably shouldn’t be watching me, although there’s probably Jessica, who probably would do that. But that’s not recommended for you or anybody. So we’re gonna move over to podcast to see how that’s going on. We started experimenting on instagram TV. You can check that out. It’s really more of the life of an entrepreneur, which is me and the craziness of how it all works. Uh, gun at some Siris on Brandon in charge. So you can see when entrepreneurs life is like where his wife goes away. Just take care of the house and the dogs and then body by branded because I had a post on instagram or a bunch of people, I asked me, Hey, what do you mean?

You look at it that, uh So I started and I’m going to record every meal that I eat for the next. I forget what I said. I think I said three or seven days or whatever it is, but you get an idea about what I eat every day instead of giving you this cheat sheet, which I’m happy to send to anybody out there. I wrote five page t sheet on how what I do for fitness and basically how I lost £15 whitening chocolate every day and you say that’s not possible. I say it absolutely is possible. And I proved it because I actually didn’t experiment on myself where I decreased my exercise and I only focused on the diet nutritional program, New York. But anyway, that we’re going to switch over there, we’re gonna do podcasts.

And then we’re going to do some instagram TV and see how that works just as an experiment. But if you were going to do Facebook lives specifically, my advice to you is communicate to your audience that you’re going to when you’re going to do it. We started out doing at 10. 30 Pacific time, and then it just at that time didn’t work for me because of just work in the course they teach and students and things like that, so but set the time that works for you and then communicate that to your audience. We did not do that. We just said, Hey, we’re gonna do Facebook live. You can catch us and then you could catch a replay. Ultimately, you’ll be great to do a Facebook live and then have people chatting instead of having 1 to 10 20 people in here watching not Tom. So I would do that and I would be a member of some other groups and make sure that I communicated to those groups that I’m gonna be on a 10 30. I’m having a Q and A.

You can ask any question or general topics gonna be this on. I think you get more engagement out of that for sure. I think that’s key to it. The other thing, I’d say is for technology. You absolutely want to use Zoom if you’re going to present with any power point presentations, which I did if you go back. Bunch of my lessons had power points. One had a video zoom is pretty pretty good. It was pretty consistent. There was a few glitches in the beginning to get used to, but it’s really easy to use. I’ve got no stock and zoom. I actually have Zoom and Webinar jam as programs.

I have to record video and screens. I also have another program that I record all of my course material in certification course that we have that you can build a business plan and your pitch deck in 13 sides. That includes your sales, your digital marketing, sales, financials, everything that you need to run a business. We teach that, and I use screen flow for that. I’ve had absolutely no problems with screen. But now caveat. Buyout. Not caveat. But say I use a Mac. I’ve had this problem. So for Facebook live so far set of time communicated to your audience, communicated to some groups that you remember and that could be other Facebook groups. But that could be Reddick groups that could be other groups. That could be your LinkedIn people. And I did not do any of that. And I probably would tell you that if you’re new and you’re not comfortable on video or something like that, just do some Facebook lives. And if you only have one or two viewers, then just do them and find your voice.

And what I mean find your voice is just find out who you are and what you’re gonna be. I for a while I used to be on TV, and I was on ESPN and fishing shows and I did videos when I ran a social networking site that I owned for sport fishermen, and it was easy for me and I was doing I mean, I started doing podcast a few months after podcasts were even invented. So it was easy for me to get on the video. And the last few years, I really hadn’t done a lot of videos. So this served for me. Lot of experiment with myself. What? I was going to talk about the topics that resonated and what I was comfortable with. What I need to brush up on and also get in touch with people. So do that in the beginning and then set your time.

Communicate to your audience, communicate to some groups. Get your text set. So right now I am using Facebook. Native Brittany Marie. Hello. She was deleted. I don’t know why she was tomatoes, but I’ll say hi. Hi. Probably me to see her. I say hi. So you get Zoom. I’m using the native Facebook right now, and it works really well. And I think that the algorithms for Facebook like it. If you’re going to use the Facebook live and you’re not gonna software native to Facebook and you’re not going to present and you should use the chrome browser. That’s what it recommends. I tried it with Firefox and it crashes, so I would recommend that you do that. I would also recommend that you get a bike like this. You certainly can use the mic on your computer, but you’re not going to get this sort of Christmas and fidelity, and I think that makes a big difference when people are listening. So I highly recommend that you get a mic. They’re not super expensive. I used the road USB. Yeah, might be $189 or 200 bucks.

The arm was pretty cheap relative to everything, and it’s USB. I am not running this through an AMP or anything. I you could tell me, but I think that my voice is really clear and I can move away and adjusted, and it it still picks up. So I recommend that you do that with Facebook live. I think that made a difference. I also have a high fidelity can and see if I could find it actually has a remote control. It’s a larger tech anyone’s interested. You can send me a message and I will get you the moral number. But you can see Yeah, you can June this thing in and out and you can also move it. And I like that because if you’re moving around, you can adjust it. If you need to show something, you can show it.

If you have a white board like I do, you could zooming around and show the white board and actually draw on it. It’s also HD, and you’re gonna want to probably publish an HD if you’re going to publish on other channels like YouTube. They favor HD over anything, so it’s worth buying it. I think the cam Waas maybe just under 200 bucks or something a little bit more than a cheap camp. But I think you get much better quality from it, and you have a remote control and you could do some stuff. So so far, Facebook lives lessons.

After three days straight, the Facebook lives. Get your voice. Once you get your voice and you feel like you know who you are set of time, communicate to your audience, communicate to groups and come up with a content calendar of what you’re going to talk about now. If you’re just doing live Q and A’s, that’s fine. If you’re gonna draw your audience and and some people do that, you already have an audience. If you’re creating an audience. We went from zero on this page 30 days ago. Means we didn’t have a like we didn’t have anything. So we’ve gone from 0 to 30 videos, a ton of our content. What we didn’t do well is we didn’t plan out our content. Now I have tons off notes and presentations and courses that I’ve taught that I could pull from. And so if someone wrote to me, then I could do that the next night.

I did that a few times when there were some requests, but I highly recommend that you do a content calendar. It is. We’re doing a content calendar for our podcast and R block currently, and it’s making a world of difference because it takes some time. I’ll tell you that to sit down and plan that out, but then you’re just checking things off the box, so I’m gonna try to plan out the next three months is what we’re finding out so that we know what we have in the hopper and what We’re going to put it out there. So I would recommend that you do that and you can simply do that on Excel. Spreadsheet is how I’m handling it. And then you can coordinate all of your marketing and things like that.

You can even coordinate topics. We have some articles coming out in some big magazines in the future here. So we want a quarter meat, our content. So what will be covered in those places so that when someone comes to us, so you wanna plan that out? And I think that’s really it. I think at the end of the day, as it relates to people resonating with you and your message, I think you just have to be authentic and you just got to be comfortable being in front of the camera. And I don’t think that’s for some people. I think that’s hard. I actually like it so and I’m not scared to be who I am. You sort of get what you get. And I’m okay with that. And I think you have Thio find that for yourself. And you know, that goes with Facebook live, er, any video you dio or recording. So practice is really what it comes down to, and you’ll get good at it. So that’s what I learned from the Facebook lives. 30 days feel like a champion of the world. It’s 30 big number, few nice Gaddafi, but always made it in by the cut.

And like I said, we made it pretty easy. So now, now that I would argue that we’ve created a habit, it will be easier for me and the team to get content hopefully regularly because we’re, you know, diarrheal. Um, that way. So appreciate everybody who’s been tuning in. I am not leaving. I am just not going back every day, so I would all be back at least twice a week. Here we are going to take the lessons learned we’re going to communicate with you at times when we’re gonna be on the Facebook lives. So that and we’ll do it much earlier in the day. So it’s not a replay that they could be interactive. I really I’m happy to teach for. I love helping people out with their questions and whatnot. I think you get more out of it, and I feel like I’m answering the questions and things that you’re stuck on, so we’ll come back and do that. We’ll push out our podcast on our page and you’ll be hearing from us.

So I appreciate you tuning in 30 days. If you are just seeing this video, thank you for tuning in. This is our 30th episode, and there is a ton of views. There’s 29 other videos on 29 topics that you can check out, so there’s a ton of content. I encourage you to scroll down and look through it. I’m sure there’s some topics that you could help with, and there is a cheat sheet. If you haven’t gotten it, I’ve posted it in here in the notes. It is a Harvard study that showed that doing just this one thing will scientifically increase your chances. I’ll tell you that I actually was taught this by my mentor, and then I wish I would have known it much. Shooter. Luckily, he taught me, and he really pressed me to do it.

And if you download that sheet, you’ll get some emails from me where I actually tell you the story of how that happened to me and a lot of the insights that he gave me that you can run from and you will be interested in it because that mentor of mine So two companies and you sold the second one to Warren Buffett and sits on the board with him. So, needless to say, I’ve learned some insightful things from him. I used to fish with him every Friday, and I talked about that in the sequence that you would get if you download the cheat cheat, which is in the nose, and I share those insights and that journey with you. So I also share my phone number so that you get in touch with me.

Somebody wrote me last night because there was a broken link and I fixed it. He said, I don’t wanna talk to you. I just wanted the documents. So you don’t want to talk to me? That’s fine. The reason I’m giving you my phone number is because I know that when I started, and even today in the company that I am building and building software company, I like having on my phone a bunch of people that I can dial up at any moment. And Paul, when I have struggling or something, and not everybody has mentors like that. I’ve been really grateful for that.

So if I could help you out, I’ll send you my phone number in that sequence and won a few things. So download that she cheap your choice. You could make it happen or not, but it definitely it didn’t absolutely help me when I started, grew and sold two companies that you can run from. So thanks so much. This has been awesome. I will see you today is Wednesday, so I probably won’t see you on the Facebook Live later this week.

We’ll be pushing out the podcast that you can listen to me, and I’m looking forward to getting you back there, and we’ll see you next week on the Facebook lives. That’s a wrap 30 days straight. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you later and thank you friends for tuning into the show. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review. We want to hear from you and subscribe so you don’t miss any of our weekly episodes until the next time. Remember, you are just one business plan away. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon in

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