How to Build a Stronger Mindset as an Entrepreneur | Ep. 70 | Mind Podcast

How to Build a Stronger Mindset as an Entrepreneur | Ep. 70 | Mind Podcast


Your mind avoids pain at all costs, it’s built into us from evolution. We’re programmed to conserve energy at all costs and as Entrepreneurs aiming to change the world this can work against us sometimes.

In order to override the pre-programming we Entrepreneurs need to create mindset habits that over ride these signals and take control of where we want to go, that may not be easy, but we’re better, stronger and in some cases, richer, for doing.

Listen to this episode to learn how you can build a stronger mindset.

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Hello, friends. Welcome to build a business success. Secrets Podcast. I am your host, Brandon. See, White. And today I am going to share with you a tactic I’ve been using for my mindset to achieve the goals that I set. Let’s not wait another second. Let’s get do it. I want to share a quick story with you From this past weekend, one of the things that I have been doing is increasing the miles that I ride weekly on my road bike. And one of the things that can get in the way here in the winter in Northern California is wind and rain. And I’m gonna call it cold for us here.

But I don’t want to insult anybody out there because I have some friends who are probably listening to this to say, Brandon, you guys don’t have cold. But the forties feel cold does here in comparison toe what the weather that we have most of the year. So as I’ve increased my miles, it really requires me to get out on the road, meaning we have a peloton.

But I’m not a big fan of riding the trainer or peloton for three hours to get 60 miles in or 2.5 hours in one spot, and I have some friends who do it, and God bless them. They’ve incredibly disciplined to be able to do that. I just get bored and my butt hurts, quite frankly, on that bike, so I don’t like doing it, so it really requires me to get outside. So I wake up Sunday morning, I’ve got 50 miles left. The week sort of got, I don’t know, caught up with me last week, and I woke up Sunday with 50 miles to hit my 100 mile mark for this segment that I’m doing. So I’m doing ah, 100 miles every week, and then I’m going to ramp up to 150 then I’ll stay between 100 and 50 and 200 for the rest of the year miles a week and I woke up Sunday morning. The wind. We’ve had really crazy windstorms.

In fact, they’ve evacuated part of our county just south of us here on the coast, in Half Moon Bay. Because of the fires, there’s gonna be mudslides because we’re going to get like 1.8 inches of rain in a very short segment of time. Something like 10 or 12 hours effectively is what it’s gonna happen. They call it a atmospheric river. It’s probably more information that you want to know. But anyway, I wake up Sunday morning and the start to this whole storm system is here. It’s blowing 14 knots out of the Northwest, which means that I’m gonna have a tailwind on the way down the coast. And then when I come back, I ride inland just a little bit, but I’m gonna have a headwind the whole way. So for 25 miles, I’m gonna have 14 plus miles an hour on my nose pushing me backwards.

And it was cold and it was imminent that it was gonna rain. I use dark sky as my weather app. It is the best. I have no stock in it. Paid like 3 99 for the year, for the app. I also have it on my garment that updates my garment as I’m riding so I could see forecast I could see wind. It just gives me sort of my k p. I s my key performance indicators of what’s happening on my ride and I looked at Dark Sky and it was imminent. It was I was going to get rained on and I could find I think, at least 10 excuses why I should just scrap the weekly goal, get on the peloton on, right in our crank out 22 23 miles and call it a week and try to make it up the next week and do an average.

But the thing that I’ve done in my mindset is when I set these goals, I really do see any of my goals, whether it’s a health goal of business goal, whatever that is, I try to make it a stretch goal, but realistic. And right now the 100 miles a week is pretty. It’s a It’s a little bit of a stretch goal because as I was coming back, Thio getting back into my regular riding the end of last year, I was doing 50 75 80 miles a week. I did the wrath of 500 which is a challenge where you ride. I think it’s 300 21 miles over between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, so you have like seven or eight days do 321 miles. I finished it in six days. It was a really big push. I did a 200 40 mile week, which was really big. But how I get to set the goal is making it realistic, but knowing that it’s going to be a challenge. But here, here’s the tactic that I use. I got up Sunday morning, the winds blowing, spitting rain. I’m looking at Dark Sky says I’m gonna get rained on, but it wasn’t a choice. So what I’ve decided is that it’s not a choice.

I’m going to do 100 miles a week, which means that I’m not gonna analyze the weather when I get up on Sunday morning. I did look at the weather. I started to analyze it, but I caught myself because it wasn’t a choice. I simply was going to put on the right gear. Get my bike ready, get on my bike, open the garage door, turn on my garment to record the ride, shut the garage door and go and whatever I experienced on that ride was gonna happen. But I was going to do it. And what this what I am suggesting to you that you can also do to achieve your goals is don’t make it a choice. It’s not a choice you’ve chosen to set the goal. But what I mean by that is if you wake up on Sunday morning and you’ve got 50 miles to go and it’s gonna get rain and wind and all this other things that you could find 100 excuses to not do it. Don’t Don’t even allow yourself to have that conversation because it’s not a choice that you’re not going to do it. The only choice is is that you are going to hit that goal.

And what that does is it eliminates the debate that goes on in your mind if you know what I’m talking about, right? You you you probably had these conversations I having. I have had these conversations. But by by not allowing your mind to go into this Oh, well, yeah, I could just get on the peloton on ride that 20 or 24 miles an hour, you know, for a Knauer. And next week I’ll make it up and you start to make excuses. Oh, it’s gonna be called. Oh, man, that wind is going to really It drives my eyes out. It annoy the living daylights out of you And and I’m just gonna be cold By the time I I knew that by the time I’m five miles out and I’m gonna marker about five miles out from Half Moon Bay riding north, I know that generally I’m tired if I’m gonna hit it hard and I’m cold and I’m what if if it’s not raining your wet from sweating and it’s starting to get cold, you’re gonna start to get cold. So I just decided that that was what it was gonna be and just accept it.

And I know that this sounds I’m not suggesting that it is easy, and I’m not trying to make it sound like it’s easy. But what I am suggesting to you is, is that you create that mindset that when you set that goal that you don’t give yourself a choice. Whatever it is, you’re going to do it. Another example is I’ve committed that we do three podcasts a week. Here it build a business success secrets, and I’m going to keep doing three podcasts a week and three podcasts a week can be hard. Find the time you gotta come up with topics. I gotta record it. I’ve got to give it to the editor. I gotta get back from the editor. Which music? I have lied time. And there’s all these plans, but it’s not an option for me. So I remember two weeks ago I was falling behind on the lead time that comes up that I need. So I need about 48 hours to get it edited.

And now I’m starting to do some stuff with Dolby. We’ll see how the sound improves, and that’s gonna add another day for me. So I gotta I’ve gotta have these podcasts into Q and I was gonna fall behind and it was late. It was like eight o’clock at night. I had already done a full day. I was tired and I just really just wanted to sit down, to be honest. But I said, It’s not a choice. There’s 100 reasons to sit down and say hello. Well, this week will miss it or we’ll catch up. But there was only one choice because I had decided that that’s what I was going to do on whatever it took. So I picked my butt up, walk downstairs, fired up my list that I have with all the topics that I wanna dio ideas that I have. I picked the one at the top of the list, turned GarageBand on like I am now, and recorded that thing and got it submitted, and we got it in. So it’s just that it just gives you this advantage. It gives you this edge by not allowing your mind to debate. And it shuts down the debate because you just remind yourself this. It’s not an option.

I’m doing this. So try that. Try to implement your version of this. My version might be a little bit different, but than the what you come up with. But don’t give yourself a choice. If you want to lose £10 then don’t give yourself a choice to eat the cake. It’s not a choice to do that. The choice is is that you want to hit your goal. If you want to hit $3 million in business this year in sales, then do what it takes every single month, every single quarter to hit that goal. And don’t don’t allow yourself your team, anybody to rationalize it. It is simply what you will dio wherever you find yourself. So if you find yourself waking up on Sunday morning with 50 miles toe ride, then go get on your bike and ride it. If you got three podcast to do, then get down there at night and record it. If you wanna lose £10 don’t eat the cake. Don’t drink the third glass of wine.

Don’t eat the tasty cake. If you want to hit $3 million in sales, then build your leads. Build your email list. Get your marketing done. Build the relationships with your distribution partners. Whatever you’ve got to dio, just make it a choice that that is what’s gonna happen. So give this tactic or try. I know you can help you achieve success and thank you friends for tuning into the show. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review. We want to hear from you and subscribe so you don’t miss any of our weekly episodes until the next time. Remember, you are just one business plan away. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon

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