No, not me in this picture, the person in the description below

Let him inspire you from from getting discouraged…

If it does happen to us or to an associate we’re trying to cheer up, the answer to continue centers around one word: perseverance.

The value of courage, persistence and perseverance has rarely been illustrated more convincingly than in the life story of this man.

Failed in business – age 22
Ran for legislature, defeated – age 23
Again failed in business – age 24
Elected to legislature – age 25
Sweetheart died – age 26
Had a nervous breakdown – age 27
Defeated for Speaker – age 29
Beaten out for Elector – age 31
Defeated for Congress – age 34
Elected to Congress – age 37
Defeated for Congress – age 39
Beaten out for Senate – age 46
Defeated for Vice President – age 47
beaten out for Senate – age 49
Elected President of the United States ?- age 51

When you have a few setbacks, think of this man and what it took to achieve success and let it motivate you to keep going.

Who is it? You’ll never believe it…Email me with your guess and I’ll email you back the answer.

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