Holy Moly, The Kiss Almost Didn’t Happen!
Holy Moly, The Kiss Almost Didn’t Happen!

There was a boy who really liked a girl, but was too shy to talk to her. Know this feeling?

He went to work as a printers apprentice. 

It didn’t work out. 

Then he became an apprentice where he fared a little better.


For five years he learned the trade and at the age of 19 he moved to Philadelphia to start his own business. 

He worked hard for six years, but finally had to give up up.

He moved to Denver to work for another company.

Then he tried starting his own company. He and his father started a company in Chicago. 

It failed.

They went to New Orleans to start another company.

It failed. 

Next stop, New York to start another company. 

It failed.

By this time the boy was a young man, he learned from his mistakes and that failure isn’t fatal. 

He learned that obstacles are stepping stones. He learned that you never fail until you stop trying.

Along the way he learned many tricks of the trade and came up with some new ones because he was constantly experimenting with new formulas and processes.

He started another company. 

Then he applied what he learned and it turned into a success. 

After that he sold it for $1 million dollars and set out on his greatest journey yet…

Armed with money and new methods for processing that he developed, he perfected his product and other products based off that one.

He sold more and more of his product and built a huge factory with a town built around it so people working there could have happy lives. 

That vision became a reality and if you haven’t guessed by now, we’re talking about Milton S Hershey and the “Hershey’s Kiss”.

Hershey was an inventor, entrepreneur, industrialist, philanthropist, and humanitarian. He built one of the largest businesses in the world, the Hersey’s Chocolate Company.

Oh, about that girl… 

He did finally have that kiss and he and his wife Catherine were married until the day she died. He never remarried. 

Failure can be discouraging and break your heart. Allow yourself to be disappointed for only a short time. Then pick yourself up and keep going. 

Tomorrow has possibilities you may have not even imagined. I know that’s how my life has worked and can work for you?

Your move…

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