Week #4 Email Newsletter Update:The advantages of using Google Workspace to run your business – from Brandon

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We’re heading into week #4 of the year like a gannet diving on herring in the open ocean.

Some great stories told and high percentage tips dropped last week on the EDGE podcast that will help you with your business, a book that will make you hungry to grow your company, a documentary series on a GOAT you’ll enjoy and learn from, and what I’m writing about that will make you think. Here we go…

New Podcast Episodes on the EDGE

  • The Advantages of Using Google Workspace to Run Your Business | Ep. 238
    Danielle Jenkins, owner of Domestic Divas, and I use Google Workspace to run our businesses. Learn why we like it, the different features we find useful and other tips on how to optimize your business using Google services.. Listen to the episode >>>
  • How Immigration Laws Work for Business Owners in the United States with Tahmina Watson | Ep. 237
    Tahmina Watson is a nationally acclaimed and award winning immigration attorney. She explains how business owners like you can use the different immigration laws to help get qualified people to work in the United States. Listen to the episode >>>
  • How to Get Better Conversion Rates on Your Website with Kurt Philip the Backpacker Turned Founder and CEO of Convertica | Ep. 236
    Kurt Philip is the founder and the CEO of Convertica. He shares his entrepreneur story and how to get better conversion rates on your website. Listen to the episode >>>
  • How I’m Using My Roots to Help Others Ease Their Pain with Dr. Brigitte Rozenburg – Chiropractor and Founder of Mineralgia | Ep. 235
    Dr. Rozenberg is a renowned Chiropractor. Learn tips on pain relief and how Dr. Rozenburg developed and launched Mineralgia, a pain relief cream with healing minerals. Listen to the episode >>>
  • A Better Way To Deliver Pharmaceuticals with Chris Bunka – Chairman and CEO of Lexaria Bioscience | Ep. 234
    Chris Bunka is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in several private and public companies since the late 1980’s. Listen to learn about Chris’ entrepreneur journey and how he is transforming Lexaria into a leading bioscience company. Listen to the episode >>>

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Something New I Learned This Week That You’ll Find Interesting
It takes about 40 minutes for a radio transmission from earth to reach Mars. Also, it will take about 7 months for someone to travel to Mars in a spaceship and they will have to stay there for about 14 months before they can get picked up again. I learned this and a bunch of other cool things from a Brown Bag Lunch session presented by one of the team members of our software development company. 
 Every few weeks one of us picks a topic and does a presentation over lunch to the team. The topic can be anything, this past week Alex talked about what it will take to colonize Mars.
 Two take aways: 
 1) while there are some challenges, we’ll probably see someone going to and living on Mars in the next decade. Space X says they are sending someone there in the next three years! 
 2) The Brown Bag lunch concept is a great vehicle to bring remote teams together. They’ll have some fun and learn some cool stuff. Recommended exercise for your company.
 ​What I’m Reading
The Burger King – by Jim McClamore
For whatever reason I’ve been reading/listening on tape to the stories of founders of some of the largest food brands in the world. This is a a rags-to-$9-billion-riches story. A crash course in Burger King history and fast food in America, The Burger King is McLamore’s candid and conversational memoir. Written before his death in 1996, he talks of his life, the birth of the whopper, and the rise of Burger King. Best price is here for book or audio >>>

What I’m Watching
Cool Under Pressure – The Joe Montana Documentary on Peacock
You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy this series. Joe didn’t start out as a star quarterback, in fact he was going to quit football a few times in high school and again in college because he wasn’t getting a lot of playing time. Then when he got to the NFL he was questioning himself because he didn’t start the first few years. When it came together, boy did it come together. 

Why I’m recommending it:Lessons learned how having a great significant other can be your “best teammate” along with some other tips that are directly related to running and building a business. Free on the Peacock App.What I’m Writing About for The EDGE’s Print Newsletter
 The difference between setting and hitting your goals and mastering your craft.
 Here’s to attacking the upcoming week #4 of 2022.
 Enjoy your weekend!

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