Ten Commandments of Street Smarts for Building a Business | Ep 95 | Business Podcast

Ten Commandments of Street Smarts for Building a Business | Ep 95 | Business Podcast


I lay out ten commandments of street smarts that I complied from one of my favorite business people, Mark H. McCormack. 

Mark was an American lawyer, sports agent and writer. He was the founder and chairman of International Management Group, now IMG, an international management organization serving sports figures and celebrities.

You’ll love these ten things to help build your business…better.

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Hello, friends. Welcome to the show. Today we are going to talk about the 10 Commandments of street smarts. Let’s not waste a second. Let’s get to it. Welcome to build a business success Secrets. The only podcast that provides straight talk for entrepreneurs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, starting with an idea or growing your business, this show is for you. We’ll teach you how to build a strong mindset, powerful body and profitable business so you can achieve success. And here’s your host, Brandon. See White.

All right, the 10 Commandments of street smarts. Before we get started, though, I want to give some credit because I got a lot of these from Mark H. McCormack, who is the founder of I M G International Management Group. You’ve heard of them because they represent many celebrities and sports figures, and I believe the movie Jerry Maguire was based after him.

So I want to give Mark some credit is passed away a while ago, but a lot of these I found from books that I read from him, Number one. Never underestimate the importance of money. It’s how people keep score Number two never overestimate the value of money cash is important, but sometimes not as important as respect, thanks integrity or the thrill of a job well done. Number three. You will never have too many friends in business. Given a choice.

Always do business with a friend. It’s the best way to leverage your success. Number four. Don’t be afraid to say, I don’t know People will respect you much more and will always place more weight on what you do and say because they know you’re right. Number five. Speak less. No one ever put their foot in their mouth when they were not speaking worse. If you are speaking, you can’t be listening and we always learn more when we’re listening. Number six.

Keep your promises, the big ones and the small ones. Both the starting point and the staying point in any business relationship is trust, not suspicion. Someone who does what he says he will do or she will do will always succeed over a person who doesn’t keep their word. Number seven. Every transaction has a life of its own. Every deal you do some need tender, loving care, and some need to be hurried. Number eight. Commit yourself to quality from day one, it’s better to do nothing at all than to do something badly. The only exception I want to throw in here is when we get started in the business.

If we’re not embarrassed by the first thing we put out, which is probably pretty bad, then we waited too long, So that’s the only exception I’m going to give you. Two number eight. Number nine Be nice to people. Nice gets nice and all things being equal courtesy can be very, very persuasive. Number 10. Don’t hog the credit. Share it. People will work with you and for you if they’re recognized and if they don’t get that recognition, they will likely work against you.

Many studies have shown that people actually want recognition more than money. In many cases, don’t forget this easy thing to do that can create happiness in your company, and the same studies have shown if people don’t get recognition than they can work against you, which you don’t want for your business, and with that, that’s all for today till the next show, we’ll see you soon. Thanks for being generous with your time and joining us for this episode of build a business success secrets. Before we go, let me ask you a quick question. Are you the type of person who wants to get 100% out of your time, talent and ideas?

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