How to Make a Pitch Deck for Investors Part 9 Slide 7 Your Traction Slide | Ep. 119 | Business Podcast

How to Make a Pitch Deck for Investors Part 9 Slide 7 Your Traction Slide
How to Make a Pitch Deck for Investors Part 9 Slide 7 Your Traction Slide


Part 9 of our mini series on how to make a pitch deck for investors to raise money for your company in 13 slides.

In this episode we continue with your Traction slide. We explain exactly what to put on your Traction slide of your pitch deck and how to present it when you’re meeting with investors.

This is the highpoint of your business’s story. You’ve set up the problem, the solution, talked about your product, shown the size and part of the market you’re attacking and how you’re talking about what traction you have. 

We’ve included information whether you are pre or post revenue along with examples of different types of traction to present.

What is this Perfecting Your Pitch Mini Series?

We’re perfecting your pitch so you have the very best chance to raise the money from investors to take your business to the next level.

If you want to raise or borrow money you need the right pitch deck. Do it wrong and it’s the difference between raising the money you need for your business and not raising any.

You’ll get it right by following this simple, proven, battle tested thirteen slide pitch deck outline.

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More Information on Build a Business Success Secrets

Hello Friends. Welcome to the show. Today we continue our miniseries on how to build a pitch tech for investors and we are on part eight slide 7. Your attraction side. Here we go. Welcome to build the business success secrets. The only podcast that provides straight talk for entrepreneurs whether you’re an entrepreneur starting with an idea or growing your business. This show is for you. We’ll teach you how to build a strong mindset, powerful body and profitable business so you can achieve success. And here’s your host Brandon C White a quick review where we bend so far in slide one we went over your elevator pitch in slide to we set up the problem that we’re solving slide three.

We went over the solution slide four. We talked about your product and how it solves that problem. Slide five. We went over your market and then we did a bonus episode on your market to teach you how to find the statistics, understand how to attack your market from the bottom up and not the top town. Then we went on to slide number six and we talked about your business model and today we are on slide number seven. Your traction slide in this slide we get to brag a little bit about our progress so far. I’m going to address this.

Whether you are just starting or you’ve already started. So what do we mean by traction? Well what traction do you have? Number one type of traction is sales sales are what matter that if you start talking about sales and how your sales are increasing, investors are going to get excited. If you are in your pre revenue stage, then you’re going to have to talk about other things that you’ve done.

Have you made progress and done a survey of 100 people? Have you taken pre orders? Do you have a ton of traffic? Do you have an email list that you’ve built in a pre launch where you have 100,000 emails Because that shows that you have customers waiting. That you’re going to be able to sell to other types of traction that you could have. You could have a ton of visitors to your website already because you’re really good at S. C. O. You could have strategic partnerships for distribution set up before you even have your product.

You could have some sort of intellectual property protection like a patent. But I want to caution you in today’s day and age investors do like patents in certain specific markets. A drug company for instance. But if you’re a technology company or even a product company it can be really hard to protect that intellectual property. So I wouldn’t lead necessarily with that I. P. Protection unless you are in a market where that really honestly matters and where you can truly protect that I. P. Because it costs millions of dollars in legal fees to be able to protect it.

And that’s why investors want a little bit more than that. I’m not discouraging you from protecting your stuff. That’s really important. I just don’t want you to lead with that or only rely on that unless you are absolutely in an industry where that matters other types of traction. You could have an amazing team with tons of experience among you that’s going to be able to help dominate this market. So this is the types of traction and as it relates to what it looks like exactly on your slide. I would pick the top three types of traction you have and I would put that in the slide in 32 plus font and then talk to it and make it simple to understand. Don’t feel like you have to explain yourself with 100 words.

If you have sales that are increasing, say it, We went from 0 to $250,000 in the last three months. Our customer acquisition costs are getting low. We believe that our our poo is this. We believe that our customer lifetime value is going to be this. That’s the type of conversation when you start to talk about it. That gives investors confidence. Let me give you another example. We have an email list of 103,000 people who have indicated that they’re interested when we launch our product. We build that list over the course of three months and we believe that we’re going to convert about 5% of these people into paying customers. What’s going to give us the initial revenue of X?

That’s another example. Another one. If you have strategic partnerships just put their logos on the slide that has a huge impact and then talk to the slide. Don’t put 100 words about how you have a strategic partnership, put the logo and then discuss it. Remember you want to put as little but as impactful things on the slide that communicate an idea and then force the audience to listen to you. You don’t want them reading your slide, because if they’re reading your slide, they’re not listening to you. Make it quick to understand when someone looks at your slide and then make it easy to understand you. Key here is practice practice practice practice. You want this to be smooth.

Remember you’re telling a story here, you’ve set this whole story up and now you’re saying there’s this problem we have, there’s a solution, here’s our product, here is this giant market that we have and here’s the traction we have in this market already. We’re getting people excited. It’s a story line, just like they’re watching a movie, you’re presenting this story to them, Put all this into action, get your attraction slide built, and until then I’m rooting for your success. Thanks for being generous with your time and joining us for this episode of build a business success secrets. Before we go, let me ask you a quick question. Are you the type of person who wants to get 100% out of your time? Talent and ideas?

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