How to Be Great at Active Listening

The ability to communicate effectively is not innate; it is a learned skill that requires ongoing practice and refinement.

We may take for granted that we listen and are listened to over the course of a conversation, but you’d be surprised how little we actually retain research suggests that its only 25 – 50% of the things that we hear. 

Active listening ensures that you are fully focused on the speaker and therefore properly taking in what they are saying, rather than half-listening to the buzzing in your own head. A study in the Library of Medicine Titled: Active Listening concluded: In active listening, it is critical that the receiver acknowledges receipt of the information and provides feedback to the sender to ensure mutual understanding. 

Here’s three tips to help you become a more active listener.

  1. Mirror – when there’s room in the conversation mirror back to the person what you heard. THis will show you’re listening and keep you focused.

  2. Ask for clarification. Do not hesitate to ask if any part of the message remains unclear. This will ensure accurate understanding and prevent miscommunication.

  3. REsist the urge to respond right away and Listen fully before responding. Ensure you have heard and understood the entire message.

Active listening is a two-way process.

Not only will it improve your productivity, it will also improve your personal and work relationships

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