How to Avoid the Algorithm Vortex That Is Robbing You of Your Potential, Productivity and Relationships

The algorithm encourages you to create content exclusively for its pleasure and that robs you of your work, robs your followers of quality content that you could be sharing, and ultimately robs you of your soul because it creates an unsustainable pace it wants you to keep to chase views and likes.

Before you know it you’re in the algorithm vortex.

When that happens everything else suffers. It goes without saying that your productivity suffers, but even worse so does your work performance, and even your relationships because you keep checking back at that post to see who has viewed like and or commented and you’re not present with whoever you’re sharing time with.

3 tips so you don’t get caught in the Algorithm Vortex

  1. Create things you would want to consume. Quality content will attract more engagement long term.
  2. Avoid checking metrics for 24 hours. The only thing you’re doing when you keep checking your stats is getting a dopamine rush that becomes addicting and before you know it you’re not even in control of your own behavior.
  3. Use Time Boxing from Episode 1 or the Pomodoro Technique from episode 31 to stay focused on the real work you need to get done.

Bonus tip. Create an Anti-To Do list and every time you achieve someone on that list, like checking stats ever hour, check that off. That will create a dopamine rush and before you know it you’ll have trained a healthy habit for yourself of not checking.

Social media is a great tool to use for your personal brand and your business, but own it, don’t let the algorithm own you.

Your move.

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