Close Your Open Loops. Here’s How to Do It So You can Make Progress and Start Being Highly Productive Again

Open loops can be professional or personal and are tasks that need doing but have no deadline, plan or decision in place AND weigh heavily on your mind.

The phenomenon of the ‘open loop’ was first discovered by psychologist and psychiatrist, Bluma Zeigarnik. 

She discovered what is now known as the Zeigarnik ZE GARNICK Effec, the tendency of our brain to remember and focus on incomplete tasks more than it does on completed tasks.

Examples of open loops are:

  • an unpleasant task from your manager
  • an awkward conversation you need to have with a friend
  • A half done project.

They are unresolved, open-ended issues that drain your energy, cause anxiety and ultimately detract from your productivity. 

You probably have a few open loops in your head right now. Here’s how to close them. 

Take just ten minutes, write them down and put together a rough outline how you can get them resolved. Add a deadline. 

This simple action will make you feel better.

Your move.

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