Best Workout Tracker App to Power Up Your Workouts and Make You Strong

Forget those clunky spreadsheet trackers, poorly designed apps and lost workout notebooks. Today we’re talking about the Workout Tracker called Strong, your “Workout. Notebook. Reinvented.”

I’ll admit I was skeptical when I first downloaded it. I’ve been using spreadsheets that I printed out and penciled in my sets forever. Lately mainly so I don’t have my phone when I’m working out. But I decided to give the app store a look recently because I thought it really would be nice to have charts of progress and other stats that simple pencil and papers aren’t going to produce with out a lot of manual labor. That’s time I could be more productive doing something else.

I googled around, read some REddit threads where people had great things to say about strong. So I headed over to the the app store. 

Turns out…

Strong has over 107,000 reviews with a near-perfect 4.9 rating out of 5 stars.

Available on both Apple and Android, it offers a generous 60-day free trial before transitioning to a $29/year subscription. That might sound steep, but trust me, , this app is worth its weight.

So, what makes Strong different? Well, imagine ditching the messy scribbles and confusing spreadsheets for a beautifully designed interface that simplifies your entire workout journey. I sound like an ad but this app is cool.

Plan your training sessions with their exercise library, complete with detailed instructions and helpful cues. Then, track your progress effortlessly, logging sets, reps, and weights with just a few taps.

But Strong isn’t just a glorified logbook. It’s your own personalized motivator. 

The app analyzes your workout data, tracks your progress over time, and even sets achievable goals based on your capabilities. Plus, its community features keep you engaged and inspired, allowing you to connect with other fitness enthusiasts and share your victories.

And here’s something cool about tracking your workout progress, the science says tracking will increase the likelihood of your sucess….a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology found that individuals who consistently tracked their progress towards a goal were 60% more likely to achieve it compared to those who didn’t. Strong makes tracking as seamless as possible, giving you the data and the motivation you need to crush your fitness goals.

Host: So, there you have it, Strong isn’t just a workout tracker, it’s a digital training partner, a progress cheerleader, and a science-backed roadmap to fitness success. Ditch the paper, embrace the power, and watch your workout goals turn into reality. Remember, it’s not just about the reps, it’s about the progress. And with Strong, tracking that progress has never been easier..

Find it in the app store under Strong or at

Your move.

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