Best Time Tracking App to Optimize Your Productivity

Time is the most valuable thing we have yet we regularly misplace, waste and abuse it. 

Business management guru Peter Drucker said “What gets measured gets managed” the basic tenet is that if you’re measuring something then the probability of you acting on the information you now have is a lot higher. 

Regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused on what you’re trying to achieve. And…

In your case… as a listener to the Productivity Podcast… you’re one of the people in the world who wants to make the most productive use of your time

Time tracking allows you to optimize your time because it reveals where you are actually spending your time vs. how you “remember” how you spent your time.

The best time tracker and time audit software I’ve found is Rescue Time.

It’s fully automated and allows you to do everything from a personal audit to keeping track of your time for billing purposes. 

It works across all platforms, Apple, Windows, and Android.

If you can believe it I started using Rescue Time 15 years ago when a friend from college, Tony Wright,  Founded the company. 

They’ve only gotten better over the years and have 2 million users and have logged over 3 billion hours for people like yourself.

And you don’t have to take my word, or even Peter Drucker’s word for that time tracking works.

A peer reviewed research study titled Does time management work? A meta-analysis offers the most comprehensive, precise, and fine-grained assessment of time management to date. 

They found that time management not only positively effects your job performance but also time acts as a well being enhancer. 

Check out for a 14 day free trial and then get it for $78/year or $12 month.

Give it a try and see if how you believe you’re spending your time is how you’re actually spending it.

Your move.

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