Best Office Temperature For Your Maximum Productivity

Just like there’s an optimal temperature to get the best nights sleep there’s an optimal temperature to set your office to for the highest productivity.

Indoor temperature affects several human responses, including thermal comfort, perceived air quality, sick building syndrome symptoms and performance at work. 

Researchers at the Berkeley National Lab conducted a study to find the exact optimal temperature appropriately titled

Room temperature and productivity in office work

They did a meta analysis that focused on the effects of temperature on performance specifically in office work. 

These studies used objective indicators of performance that are likely to be relevant in office type work, such as text processing, simple calculations (addition, multiplication), length of telephone customer service time, and total handling time per customer for call-center workers. 

They calculated from all studies the percentage of performance change per degree increase in temperature, and statistically analyzed measured work performance with temperature. 

The results show that performance increases with temperature up to 21-22 °C,69.8 – 71.6 F and decreases with temperature above 23 °C, 73.4 F

The highest productivity is at temperature of 22 °C. 71.6

Whether you’re working at your home office or business office, set your heat to 22 °C. 71.6F for your maximum productivity.

Your move.

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