How to Live Your Best Life by Living at The Core | Ep. 36 Mind Podcast

How to Live Your Best Life by Living at The Core
How to Live Your Best Life by Living at The Core


I’ve found that living at the core really is a key element of living your best life.

This is especially true as an Entrepreneur who’s faced with negative energy from time to time in the way of the “No’s”,  the “that’s not possible” etc… we hear when building our business. 

I share a story of a recent Zoom business call I had that illustrates why living this way can change your life for the better in just one shift of thought. In one simple moment…

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Hello, friends. Welcome to another episode of Build A Business Success Secrets. I am your host, Brandon C. White. And today we’re talking about living at your core.

I had a recent incident on a zoom meeting that brought that out. And, man, I’m going to share it with you.

Let’s not waste another second. Let’s get to it. Okay, So I’m on a zoom meeting the other day, and I’m sure that you’re probably experiencing a lot of zoom meetings or Google hang out or a bunch of other video audio type conference calls and everyone goes around the room and everybody generally just use these pleasantries and they’re like, Oh, how you doing? I’m doing good.

No, I’m hanging in there or whatever. And and somebody else. Hey, Brandon, how you doing? I said, never better. And this guy, he came back and he said, and this front of a whole bunch of people, I was just a little bit surprised by it. But I’ll take it.

He said, Brandon, are you really never better like, is that really happening to you right now?

And I thought about it for a minute, or what felt like a minute I think I just blurted it out, though, and I said, I live in my core and that’s what allows me to be able to tell you that I have never been better.

And what did I mean by that? And all the all the people on my teams to her laughing like, Yeah, you don’t know him. He he lives like that and everybody sort of light moment, which helped the meeting.

But what I said was that I really do live it to core. And what I mean by that is I get up in the morning and I know that this is almost overdone. But it’s true, and it works. So it’s worth emphasizing, or at least remembering that I get up and I’m just grateful I got up that three knee operations, three ACL reconstructions and I can still walk.

I’d consider myself pretty lucky. I’m knock on wood pretty healthy and haven’t had any major problems lately. Hope that continues. But I’m grateful for that today.

The sun came up really that basic. That’s living at the core when you can look at the sun coming up and appreciate it, and I think It took me a lot of years to do this, but I think as you get older and you get in your late thirties in your forties, you start to have a little bit more perspective.

But I somehow I can’t remember how it came to me. Maybe I was working through some stuff, but I want what I have now that sounds simple.

But I think if you reflect on your thoughts and the I wants or I don’t have you realize that you may be missing that point or you may not be recognizing enough and what that really means to me is I want what I have.

I’m grateful for what I have and it doesn’t mean that I don’t want more or I don’t want to achieve more or I don’t want some other physical things. Although I’m really pretty much minimalist in that sense, not minimalist I’ve got a friend who is a true minimalist. And we were going on like a two week trip one time and he showed up with a small backpack and we were all like, Is that it was like, Yeah, that’s all you need.

I’m not going that extreme, but I really don’t want or need a lot of things, so to speak. I really find that my mind is lighter by not having them, but by wanting what I have, that’s really could be a definition of happiness. I don’t know if it is for you, but I found that it really just brings a calming effect if that’s the right way or being.

And it’s not about being content or not wanting more. I’ve said that earlier, but I’m emphasizing it because I think people would, some people could interpret. That is just saying, Oh, you’re settling, Brandon and I’m not telling you that you should settle at all. I’m just saying, recognize what you have and want it and then set your goals to do other things.

So I really been thinking a lot about this, and I don’t know how it even came out of me that I said that, You know? Hey, I was like, I live at the core, but I guess that really is the truth.

It’s living at the core, and if you could go down to those really basic things and just being grateful for them, then I think you’ll find happiness, orm or happiness or a little bit of happiness.

If you haven’t experienced lately in your life, give it a try, all right. I hope that was useful.

I know we as entrepreneurs, sometimes it’s hard to want what we have want the marketing program that we current have, or the sales program, or the little bit of funding that we have or the little bit of traction that we have.

But I think wanting what you have in any of those ways, whether it’s your personal life, your professional life or your business life, professional business, life, whatever that is, even in hobbies, you do I think wanting what you have really brings some level of happiness that might not have been there before.

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Remember, you’re just one business plan away. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon

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