How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

How Do You Compare to Your Peers?

The Inc 5000 for 2022 was recently released. Every year they survey Founders and CEO’s and ask them a host of questions ranging from what they say their biggest challenges are to what scares them the most.

Below are some highlights from the survey this year.

I bolded some that jumped out as most interesting. See how you compare and if you agree.

  • 43% of the Inc 5000 CEO’s started their business because they believe they could make their ideas happen
  • 35% wanted to lead their own companies
  • 87% are over 35 years old
  • 52% are serial entrepreneurs
  • 46% have turned down venture capital. To launch the company…80% used their own savings, 25% used credit cards, 24% got loans from friends and family.
  • Biggest concerns: 46% say they fear failure, 33% worry about being responsible for their employees livelihood.
  • Health issues related to being an entrepreneur: 40% say staring a company has negatively affected their physical health, 43% say it has brought on or exacerbated anxiety, and 15% say it has contributed to depression.
  • Biggest challenges to growth: 65% say hiring and retaining good staff, 35% say meeting demand.

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