5 Tips to Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs | Ep. 186 | Business Podcast

How To Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs
How To Overcome Self Limiting Beliefs


Self limiting beliefs can hold you back. The crazy thing is that some of these beliefs while they seem real, are made up in your head. 

In today’s episode we offer 5 tips on how to overcome self limiting beliefs. 

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Edge. Today we’re giving you five H. P. T. S. High percentage tips on how to overcome self limiting beliefs. Almost everybody has someone in their life that is either outright toxic or at the very least they work against your best interest.

Often you’ve got to cut these people out of your life or reduce the time you spent around them. I wrote about how I had to do this in a recent edition of the Edge print newsletter and it can be hard but it will help you and improve your life. But what happens when that person in your life is actually you, Here’s five tips to help get over self limiting beliefs. Welcome to the Edge podcast, your weekly playbook about the inner game of building a successful business making you a happier, healthier and richer business owner and here’s your host Brandon White. Number one become more aware. The first step to dealing with any self limiting beliefs is to make an effort to become more aware of your thoughts, what you’re thinking.

Do you have any recurring negative self talk that’s going on? How often do you say things like I could never or that’s impossible or I don’t think I can do that or we’ll never get it done in this amount of time. Even the best of us who are as optimistic, as crazy as fellow entrepreneurs and business owners. We still have some self limiting beliefs and the key is to become aware so do an audit and think about when these things happen and maybe remember this tip when that comes and pops into your mind so that you can stop it right away tip number to write down these self limiting beliefs when you catch them.

And here’s why because writing things down or journaling is a powerful tool to get things out of your head and onto a piece of paper so that they become more tangible and in many ways less real. And here’s a cool thing that happens when you actually write things down. It takes the power of that thing that’s existing in your head away because now it’s something outside your body, something that you can control and how can you control it because you can write about it and you can change what you’re writing and you can actually change that message.

So write things down right down the self limiting beliefs that pop into your head, even if it’s on a scrap paper, even if you do a voice memo for yourself when you’re driving and then take those things and get them on a piece of paper or if you’re using a notebook, whatever you’re using, get it outside your body. Number three, acknowledge the belief. Now that sort of sounds crazy, but I want you to actually acknowledge that you’re having this belief because here’s what happens.

We get into this cycle where we say, oh that’s not like me, which is a great phrase to use when these things pop into your head. But if they keep popping into your head and you’re denying it, then these things are actually having an effect in your denying it and not acknowledging that you are having them. So number three tip is just acknowledge and accept that you’re having.

It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad person or anything like that and accept that they’re happening because now that we have them on a piece of paper and we’ve accepted that we’re doing that now, we can deal with it. And again, it’s outside of us on this piece of paper exists in this piece of paper or in your digital notebook, not inside our body. And it just takes away the power of that thought tip. Number four question the belief are these self limiting beliefs demonstrably untrue? Are they really untrue Most of the time they are absolutely untrue.

Now there may be some truth to them in the sense that it’s going to be hard to do whatever you’re attempting to do in your business or in your personal life or in your relationship, But are they absolute absolutely not. And when you’re questioning the belief, I want you to think about a time that you actually didn’t have that belief showed confidence and it worked out those are the thoughts that you want to replace these negative, self limiting beliefs with, replace them with a positive experience. Even if it’s a little success.

I think the other thing that happens is that people believe that you have to have this giant success to replace this thought, you don’t, I’m on this, I’m on day 40 right now of doing 100 perfect push ups a day. So push ups are on my mind. Here’s the thing. If your goal is to just do one push up, just do one push up, accomplish that and remember that accomplishment when you have a self limiting belief and just that little success, that little success will have a huge difference and take away the control that this self limiting belief thought is having on you and number five when you’re having this thought, say the exact opposite.

For instance, if you’re thinking no one will ever pay this much for my product reform it and say people will pay me more than this for this product and don’t just say it with blah, People pay me more for this product. No, people will pay me more for this product, People will pay me $99 instead of $39. I know it’s worth it. We have five customer testimonials that say that our product has solved their problem.

People will pay more or I’m never going to be able to raise money for my company. Oh, poor me. No, I deserve to raise money for our company because we have a great company with a great product and our sales are increasing and there’s tons of good things and somebody out there is going to recognize that and want to invest in us. So try the opposite reframe the question and you trick here because you got to do it right away.

You can’t let that negative self limiting belief linger. It grows. It’s like a seed. And the thing is is that it grows really fast. But here’s the other cool thing. If you replace that thought right away, it stops growing. In fact it dies and that new thought is now planted and it grows and that’s the really cool thing about it. So there’s your five H. Pts for dealing with self limiting beliefs till the next episode. I’m rooting for your success.

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