How To Write a Business Plan Part 15 – Summary Slide | Ep. #24 Business Podcast

How To Write a Business Plan Part 15 – Summary Slide
How To Write a Business Plan Part 15 – Summary Slide


Part 15 How to Write Your Business Plan

Your summary slide is the last slide in your business plan and highlights all your best parts. I explain exactly how to set it up.

We’ve covered your elevator pitch, problem, solution, product, market size, business model, traction, competition, barriers to entry, financial, team, and funding slides for your business plan. Now we’re summarizing your business ?

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Hello, friends. Welcome to another episode of Build a Business Success Secrets. I’m your host, Brandon. See, White. And today we are on slide 13 of how to write your business plan. This is the last slide super exciting. And there are some special things you want to do with this slide that I will outline in the episode. So far, we have covered every single slide that you need to write your business plan. We started off with your elevator pitch. We did a whole episode on three mistakes to avoid. When you do your elevator pitch, we covered your problem. Slide, your solution, your product, your market opportunity, your business model, your traction, your competition, your barriers to entry and moat, your financials, your team funding. And now we’re on to the summary. Let’s not waste another second. Let’s get to it. All right, we’re finally there were on your last slide slide 13 of how to write your business plan, Siri’s. And in this slide, it’s pretty simple. We do a summary of the main points of the entire plan that you want someone to remember, and you communicate that if you can with images, you don’t want a lot of text. You wanna put some images up there for the main points? That could be the problem you’re solving. That could be the solution that could be your product. That could be the market size that could be your attraction. You customize this slide, Thio, emphasize all the best parts of your business, and then you speak to it. And this also drives other short elevator pitches, if you will, that you can build to emphasize all these positive things. And when you’re presenting this slide, you leave that up there because you’ve already been through 12 other slides and you want people to remember where they’ve been in this story and the important parts of the story and the really good parts of the story. So on this slide, analyze the parts of your business that air the really positive pieces that are the pieces that someone would grab onto it. Like I said, if that’s your market is humongous and you have this amazing way that you’re going to attack it from your local community up into the broader market and emphasized that if your product has this amazing patent that nobody can dio and they will never be broken. Then emphasize that if you have this incredible team, put some images up there that signify that, that someone could look at that slide and understand. So that is your summary slide. In the next episode, I will give you some tips and tricks for your overall business plan and depending on your audience, some tips that you can use. If you are using this business plan as a pitch to raise money from investors or you’re using it as a sales pitch or you’re using it to recruit a key employees that you want, where you’re using it, Thio recruit board members, whatever that is, I’ll give you some tips and tricks in the next episode. Until then, build your summary slide and you will be complete done with your business plan for now, because remember, your business plan isn’t a static thing. It changes all the time. You could be in the shower and have this great idea. I do this all the time. I’m riding my bike and I’m like, Oh yes, I’m gonna incorporate that. So remember this is a great monumental moment to get this plan done, but it will live and breathe, and you will make it better. And there will be tons of her visions and additions to this thing. But the exciting part is you are at the end of at least having your version of your business plan. All right? Pretty cool. I am so excited for you because now you’re gonna have this plan in hand, and now you can make revisions and it is so much easier once you’ve gotten to this point in the next episode. Like I said, let me give you some tips and tricks to use so that you can multi purpose this business plan that you’ve written so that you can use it to raise money from investors, recruit people and all of the things that you’re going to need it for this thing, believe it or not, will even drive your sorrows and marketing strategy and your copy, Your actual copy will come out of this. Almost everything you need is in this business plan that you’ve built, which is super exciting. So tune into the next episode to get the tips and tricks that you need. Put this business plan into action and hey, if you enjoyed this episode. Please rate us and review us. Let us know how we’re doing. I would love to hear from you and pass it on to a friend, if you will. It’s people like you who have helped us grow this podcast until the next episode. Remember, you are just one business point away. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon.

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