Will You Make This Mistake with Your Sales Strategy
Will You Make This Mistake with Your Sales Strategy

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A troubled businessman once said to P.T. Barnum,

“I’ve tried advertising and didn’t succeed, yet I have a good product.”

How many times have we said this to ourselves?

“My friend,” said Barnum, “there may be exceptions to a general rule. But, how did you advertise?”

“I put it in the weekly newspaper three times,” said the man, “and paid a dollar for it.”

“Sir,” said Barnum, “advertising is like learning – a little is a dangerous thing.”

P.T. Barnum used a lot of creative ways to advertise and he spent a lot of money doing it because he saw how it increased his sales.?‍?

He built a huge business, making millions.

In today’s world with all the social media…with ad’s everywhere…

If you’re not advertising a lot, you’re not going to attract customers and your sales will suffer!

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