Week #15 Email Update: Elon Musk tells the real story of Tesla – from Brandon on June 24th

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Happy Friday! We’re at the end of week 26 of 2022 which flew by with hummingbird like speed.

Here’s the new EDGE podcast episodes, new data on the Metaverse, AR/VR current and projected sales, what I’m reading about human behavior, watching and writing about that will help give you the edge to win in your business and life. Let’s go….

New EDGE Podcast Episodes

SaaS Accounting and Finance with Anthony Nitsos Founder of SaaS Gurus| Ep. 331
Learn how to set up your SaaS or any Membership Company finance and accounting correctly from the start to save you potential millions in the event you sell your company.
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401k Part 5: Safe Harbor 401k Strategy for Highly Successful Entrepreneurs | Ep. 332
Learn about Safe Harbor 401k’s and how you can implement them in your company to save more than you’ve been told.
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Consumer Packaged Goods Industry with Ryan Lewendon Partner at Giannuzzi Lewendon | Ep. 333

Ryan was the attorney for Vitamin Water in its early days and was with the company all the way through its sale to Coke for over $4 billion. We talk about the VitaminWater story along with others he’s worked with in the CPG industry.
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Strengthening the Dental Industry by Straightening Teeth with Dr. Ingrid Murra Founder/CEO of Two Front | Ep. 334
Dr. Murra shares her journey how she’s revolutionizing the dental industry by connecting top orthodontists to dental offices and providing orthodontists with the tools to run modern, clear aligner practices from unused office space at dental offices.
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Triple Bottom Line, B Corporations and Purposeful Companies with Danielle Jenkins CEO of Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. | Ep. 335
We talk about triple bottom line companies now being called purposeful companies. Brandon talks about his experience being one of the first B Corporations in the US and Danielle about how Domestic Diva’s Cleaning Co. fulfills a triple bottom line.
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U.S. Manufacturing with Jason Azevedo General Partner of Manufacturing Revitalization Corporation of America | Ep 336

Jason is on a mission to revitalize manufacturing in the United States and has discovered how to do it. He shares his story of making products in the US and what he and his team are doing to help other companies be made in America.
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New Information Worth Sharing:
The Metaverse
Everyone is talking about the metaverse and I was curious about how it all translates into sales and projected marketsize. Here’s what’s happening:

  • 76.7 million AR/VR devices are expected to be sold by 2024
  • $10 billion in revenue is expected to be generated from the sale of VR hardware in 2022
  • 7 million AR and VR headsets were shipped worldwide in 2020. 105 million is expected by 2025
  • 26 million units of both AR and VR headsets are forecasted to be sold annually by 2023
  • 6.1 million units of VR headsets are expected to be sold with a total cumulative installed base of 16.44 million
  • 26.7 million units of AR hardware are expected to be shipped worldwide by 2022
    ​* source: Stastica

What I’m Reading
Behave – The Biology of Humans at our Best and Worst by Robert M. Sapolsky

A celebrated neurobiologist and primatologist, Sapolsky writes a landmark, genre-defining examination of human behavior, both good and bad, and an answer to the question: Why do we do the things we do?

It started out a little dark, but has quickly turned into what I had hoped which is a look at how humans work and why they do what they do.

It has over 5,481 reviews on Amazon with a 4.8 star rating. Good read, recommended.

Best price I found for the book or audio version is here >>>

What I’m Watching
Earlier this month the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley Club sat down with Elon Musk at Gigafactory Texas for an unscripted conversation.

Love or hate him, it’s hard to not respect a guy who takes all the money he made and puts his money where his mouth is, invests ever last cent he has in Tesla and Space X, sleeps on the Tesla factory floor with the team to figure out production and save the company from bankruptcy and isn’t scared to get his hands dirty.

In Part 1, they primarily discuss the early days of Tesla and the real story how Tesla was founded and in Parts 2 and 3Elon opens about his life, failures and successes and his general philosophies.

three part series available for FREE on YouTube. A must watch!

Start with Part 1 here >>>

What I’m Writing About for The EDGE’s Print Subscription Newsletter
Still hard at work on the keyboard writing the book I committed to a few weeks ago. This past week I wrote some new stuff totaling about 2,727 words and spent time editing/ re-working previously written sections. Here’s an update on progress:

Week 1 total words: 8,000 (+8,000)
Week 2 total words: 30,641 (+22,641)
This past week as of today: 33,368 (+2,727)

The weekend is here, go have some fun!

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