Want to Accomplish Your Goals? Do This!
Want to Accomplish Your Goals? Do This!

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There was a terrible rain storm in California and an enormous pile of mud and rocks was washed up against a house.⛈

The owner of the house began to shovel small portions of the pile into a wheelbarrow. Then he would move the load over to the other side of his property, which had been washed away from the rain. 

A friend came along, watched for a while, then said,

“Jack, don’t you realize that’s too big a job for you?”

“Well”, said Jack, “I don’t have enough money to have someone body come in here with a bulldozer, and while I’ll admit it looks like too big a job for me, I’m not ready to admit that I can’t do it without giving it a try.”?

Jack didn’t waste time worrying about the size of the job or his ability to finish it…

He went ahead and started it. 

That’s the first thing any of us should do if we want to whittle any job down to our size. 

Don’t focus on the whole enchilada…

Break things down into bite size chunks. Looking at everything that has to be done in it’s entirety, even the most courageous can be overwhelmed.

When I set out to ride a gran fondo…

Think of riding your bike 125+ miles with over 16,000 ft of climbing in a single day…

I don’t think of the whole thing when I start out at 5am freezing my rear off… I ride one mile at a time, regardless if it’s cold, hot, raining, uphill or downhill. ?‍♂️

One mile at a time for 125 times. And guess what…I’ve finished every single one of the eleven I’ve set out to do.

Same thing when starting and growing a company. 

The amount of tasks can be absolutely overwhelming. But guess what?

When you have a business plan and break things down into steps and tasks, you have a plan to follow. 

You do things one at a time and before you know it you’ve got your product, marketing and sales are increasing. You’re making money.?

One thing at a time, broken down into manageable small steps.

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