Week #9 Email Newsletter Update: This offer outperforms “Discounts” and “Free Shipping” offers – from Brandon on April 28

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It’s been a minute and I’m behind updating you on all the things we’ve published that will help you and your business. Here we go…

New EDGE Podcast Episodes to Listen to That Will Help You

  • How to be Superbold with Fred Joyal | Listen to Ep. 296 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • Should Employers Be Allowed to Search Employee Social Media Accounts? with Danielle Jenkins | Listen to Ep. 295 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • This Offer Outperforms “Discounts” and “Free Shipping” Offers with Andrew Forman of Givz | Listen to Ep.294 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • Sports Nutrition and Building a Global Brand with Douglas Smith Co-Founder and CEO of True Nutrition | Listen to Ep.293 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • New Online Marketing Techniques to Increase Your Sales with Chelsea Sayegh | Listen to Ep.292 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • Now You Can Easily Invest in Wine with Anthony Zhang of VinoVest | Listen to Ep.291 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • How We Recruit and Onboard New Employees with Danielle Jenkins from Domestic Divas Cleaning Co.| Listen to Ep.290 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • This Next Generation of Press Releases Will Drive Maximum Exposure for Your Business with David McInnis Founder of Newsworthy | Listen to Ep.289 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • The Easiest Way to Get Customers to Buy Again from Your Shopify Store with Maruti Agarwal Co-Founder of ShopAgain | Listen to Ep.288 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • Is a Four Day Work Week a Good Idea? with Danielle Jenkins from Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. | Listen to Ep.287 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • Disrupting the Legal Industry with Zeb Anderson Founder of Legal IQ | Listen to Ep.286 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
  • Use Amazon’s Little Known PR Strategy to Get PR for Your Business with Allie Hembree Martin of Fame and Fortune | Listen to Ep.285 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify

Something New I Learned: Just how much online video people will watch in 2022
The average person will watch 100 mins of online video per day:
• 66% of users prefer learning about a product or service via video
• 80% of brands using video marketing claim video has directly increased sales

What I’m Reading/Listening To
Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins
He drops “f” bombs like he’s from England and tells it like it is. I followed him on Instagram for years and decided to listen to his book on a recent road trip.

And I thought I was intense…this book will motivate the “f” out of you even if you are already motivated as “f”. It’ll also drop some hard truths that it’s good to be reminded of as a check up now and again.

BONUS Intel: The audio book provides almost mini podcasts with David and the narrator after each chapter that gives you more insight into things then just what was written and makes the book a lot more entertaining.

Best price I found for the audio book is on Amazon here

What I’m Watching
American Underdog 
In this inspirational and incredible true story, Kurt Warner goes from stocking shelves at a supermarket to become a legendary two-time NFL MVP, Super Bowl MVP, and Hall of Fame quarterback. Worth watching!

Might be free on one of your streaming services, we paid $2.99 to rent it on Amazon here

EDGE on YouTube
We started publishing episodes of the EDGE on YouTube with the actual video. Please subscribe to our channel if you are on YouTube.

What I’m Writing About for The EDGE’s Print Newsletter
A letter to you about the newsletter. More to come about it.

Hope you’ve taken this week by storm!

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