Week #10 Email Newsletter Update: How to use Google My Business to generate inbound leads – from Brandon on May 8th

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We’re headed into week 20 of 2022 like a striped bass chasing sand eels on the Monomoy Flats in Massachusetts.

We hit 300 episodes on the EDGE last week thanks to your support, thank you!

Here’s the new shows, something new I learned, what I’m reading, watching and writing about that will help give you the edge to win in your business and life. Let’s go….

New EDGE Podcast Episodes

  • Tactics to Communicate Better and Have Healthier Relationships with Debra Roberts CEO of The Relationship Protocol | Listen to Ep. 297 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • Be Authentic, Drink Naked and Have Fun with Becca Gardner Founder of NKD LDY (In-studio recording) | Listen to Ep. 298 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • Drive More Sales for Your Business By Marketing Inside Out with Tim Parkin of Parkin Consulting | Listen to Ep. 299 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • How We Deal with Difficult Customers with Danielle Jenkins from Domestic Divas Cleaning Co. | Listen to Ep. 300 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • SaaS Companies Need This Must Have Service with Girish Redekar CEO of Sprinto | Listen to Ep. 301 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • The Screenwriting Business with Geoffrey D. Calhoun | Listen to Ep. 302 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • Setting a Compass for Living with Award Winning Author Mark Gober | Listen to Ep. 303 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • How to Use Google My Business to Generate Inbound Leads with Matt “Handshaking” Holmes | Listen to Ep. 304 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 
  • The Best Way to Provide Professional Development for Your Employees with Danielle Jenkins | Listen to Ep. 305 on Apple Podcasts or Spotify 

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Something New I Learned
Global VC Funding In April Dipped
Global venture funding totaled $47 billion in April 2022. This is the lowest amount invested in private companies in the past twelve months.

April funding fell 10% month over month from $52 billion in March and down 12% from $53.5 billion in April 2021. While the dip isn’t massive, it could signal a slow down.

My Take
Down markets, recessions, or whatever you want to call them, don’t necessarily mean venture capital investing, or the amount of capital available, goes down. VC funds have a five to ten year investing cycle and sometimes a down market is just the right time to deploy their money.

Don’t get discouraged if you’re thinking about raising money, there’s still a ton of capital looking for good product and service companies.
​* source Crunchbase​

What I’m Reading
Boyd – The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War
John Boyd may be the most remarkable unsung hero in all of American military history. Known as the greatest US fighter pilot ever and later in life, he developed a theory of military strategy that has been adopted throughout the world, and even applied to business models for maximizing efficiency.

Boyd rarely met a general he couldn’t offend. He was loud, abrasive, and profane. A man of daring, ferocious passion and intractable stubbornness, he was a rebel who cared not for his reputation or fortune, but for his country.

I was led to it because of it’s insanely good reviews. Recommended. Best price I found for the book or audio book here

What I’m Watching
They Call Me Magic on Apple TV+
Of course I knew about Magic (Earvin Johnson) and basketball and I had heard about Magic’s business ventures, but never realized how savvy he really was in business.

From sitting down with the Crips and Bloods to open a much needed family movie theater complex called Magic Johnson Crenshaw 15 in the Crenshaw District of L.A., to gyms, a bank and most recently he was in the news for bidding on the Denver Broncos.

You’ll be entertained while learning some good business tips on finding market opportunities. Recommended. Check it out on Apple TV+

EDGE on YouTube
We published six episodes of EDGE on the EDGE’s YouTube Channel this past week. My Mom said she loved watching the conversation with repeat Founder Tony Wright.

What I’m Writing About for The EDGE’s Print Newsletter
A case for what the best approach for your company should be during a time of inflation. I’ve been here before and lived through it with some tactics.

Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms, we appreciate you!

Be Brave,

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