How to Make a Pitch Deck for Investors Part 1 – Your 13 Slide Pitch Deck Outline | Ep. 107 | Business Podcast

How to Make a Pitch Deck for Investors Part 1 – Your 13 Slide Pitch Deck Outline | Ep. 107 | Business Podcast


If you want to raise money from investors you need the right pitch deck. Do it wrong and it’s the difference between raising the money you need for your business and not raising any.

In this series we’re going to perfect your pitch so you have the very best chance to raise the money you’re looking for to take your business to the next level

In this episode you get an overview of each of the thirteen slides you need to set your business up a successful round of funding.

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Hello Friends, Welcome to the show today, we’re going to help you perfect your pitch with a persuasive 13 slide formula. So you can invest your time in actually raising money with investors versus spending your time trying to figure out the right slides and the order of them for your pitch deck. If you’re looking to raise money or think you’re going to raise money from investors in the future, you’re gonna love this multipart series.

Here we go. Welcome to build a business success secrets, the only podcast that provides straight talk for entrepreneurs, whether you’re an entrepreneur, starting with an idea or growing your business. This show is for you. We’ll teach you how to build a strong mindset, powerful body and profitable business so you can achieve success and here’s your host Brandon. See White, welcome to the first episode in a multi part series where we are going to break down in as short as I can possibly give it to you the 13 slides you need and how to build them for your pitch deck to raise money from investors In today’s episode, I’m just going to give you the 13 slides from a very high level so that you can start to think about it and then subsequently each slide will get its own episode in as short as I can possibly make it for you, so that you can build your pitch that quickly And get out there and raise money or start to build your pitch deck.

If you’re thinking about raising money from investors in the future, everybody at some point, if your business is growing fast, will probably need to raise money from investors. Now, there’s some incredible case studies out there where people haven’t had to raise money because they have very high profit margins, they’ve managed their growth. They may not be growing at 100 a year, but they’re growing at a really good clip.

But the margins are so good. But for most businesses that are going to grow quickly or even to get off the ground to get up some start up capital, you probably are going to need some money. So if you’re looking to do that, here we go, slide number one will be where you give your elevator pitch and in the next episode I will go through what that elevator pitch should sound like how long it should be and give you a quick script that you can use to do that. Slide number two is your problem slide, this is where we’re going to talk about the problem that you are solving for people. Your solution slide is the next one. Then we’re going to talk about your product or service itself.

Then we’re gonna talk about the market and the pitfalls of what I see when people build that slide. Then we’re gonna talk about your business model and how your business model works. This is the economics and the movement of either the product or service delivery. I want to talk about what traction you have or the milestones that you want to hit. Then we’re going to talk about competition. We’re going to talk about the barriers to entry in the next slide and that’s how we’re going to keep the competition out. I sometimes call that a moat or it is called a moat and we’ll talk about what your mote is or what you can develop to be your mote.

Then we’re gonna talk about your financials, what they need to look like in the slide and then what those backup financials that are normally done in excel or google google sheets. You can do it in these days, how they should be formatted and what investors are really looking for in those financials. Then we’re gonna talk about your team, what to put in that team slide and what not to put into that team slide so that you don’t have investors rolling their eyes. Then we’re going to talk about the fund, you need to grow your business, here’s a cool thing. Even if you’re not going to raise money from investors, you’re going to use your own savings.

You still want to figure out exactly how much, how much money you need to either start and scale your business along the way. So you’ll describe what the amount of funds are and you will get that out of your financials and then how you’re going to spend that money. And then we’ll talk about the summary slide and this is this actually this summary slide. if you can believe it Probably took me 15 years to figure out and most people in their pitch deck, put the last slide in their deck, which this summary slide is, They put it on the screen, they leave it on the screen and it doesn’t help them. In fact it hurts them. And I figured out through a lot of scars on my back and pitching a lot of investors and seeing a lot of deals, what the successful formula or template or outline for that slide is and we’ll talk about that in the last episode of the 13 slides.

This is what you can look forward to. Again, I am going to aim to make these episodes as short as possible. You probably have heard the saying, I think it’s attributed to Mark Twain, but I’m actually not sure it is from Mark Twain. It says something to the effect of sorry for the long letter, I didn’t have time to write a short one. My aim here, my challenge. I’m challenging myself for you to make this really fast, quick and simple is to see how short I can make each episode tune into the next episode in this series, where we go over your elevator pitch.

Examples of that and a quick script that you can get started getting on the road to having an excellent elevator pitch. Thanks for being generous with your time and joining us for this episode of build a business success Secrets. Before we go, Let me ask you a quick question, Are you the type of person who wants to get 100 out of your time, talent and ideas. If so, you’ll love our monthly built a Business success Secrets newsletter. It’s a monthly playbook about the inner game of building a successful business. Recent issues have shown how to avoid losing money on Facebook and Instagram paid ads with this science-backed strategy, how to build a pitch deck to raise money in 13 simple slides, three tips.

The monks used to improve concentration and get more done in less time, a five step process to survive and thrive when things get tough, how to optimize your sales team to grow your revenue in tons of other actionable, high percentage mind, body and business building tips and tricks. As a fellow entrepreneur who’s aiming for nothing short of success, you owe it to yourself to subscribe, check out the special offer with bonuses for you at be Success Secrets dot com. That’s b as in business success Secrets dot com. And until the next episode, remember you are just one business plan away, I’m rooting for your success.

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