This 1 Simple Change to Your Meeting Schedule Will Increase Your Mental Well Being and Boost Your Productivity

Ever feel like your day is one endless Zoom meeting after another? Meetings pile up, transitions between them become frantic, and your brain feels like a ping pong ball bouncing from topic to topic. Well, friends, there’s a simple solution: embrace the power of the buffer!

Think of it like a tiny oasis in your calendar desert. A mere 15 minutes can transform your day from a frantic frenzy to a well-oiled machine. No more rushing out of one meeting and scrambling into the next, feeling frazzled, unprepared and simply worn out before the new meeting even starts.

This magical buffer time is very important and Don’t just take my word for it…research published in the Journal of Business Psychology, titled “Meeting Overload: A Threat to Worker Well-being and Performance,” studied the impact of back-to-back meetings on employee productivity. Guess what they found? Workers bombarded with constant meetings experienced decreased focus, increased stress, and a whopping 40% drop in productivity!

Ouch! That’s like working four hours for every five you’re stuck in a meeting vortex.

Now, with a 15-minute buffer, you can breathe! Use it to wrap up thoughts from the previous meeting, get outside and get some fresh air and sun, check emails, grab a coffee, or do a quick mental reset. It’s your golden opportunity to transition smoothly, gather your bearings, and enter your next meeting ready to rock.

Remember, even the most productive ninjas need downtime to sharpen their focus. 

This isn’t just about efficiency, it’s about sanity! Protect your mental space, reclaim your day, and become the meeting master you were always meant to be by adding 15 minute buffers between your meetings.

Your move.

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