Sunlight Health Benefits. Here’s how much sunlight you need to hit your peak productivity potential

Ever get a good night’s rest, hit the floor running and by late morning find yourself a little sluggish and unable to focus? You ask yourself, “What’s the deal? I got a good nights’ rest!”

Well, It might be because you’re not getting enough sunlight. 

That’s right,let the sun shine in!

Today we’ll talk about why natural sunlight  is important, review the research, tell you a little how sunlight works it’s magic and give you 3 tips that lead to reduced stress, sleeping better and higher cognitive performance, of which add up to hitting your peak productivity potential.

Sunlight plays a critical role in setting the stage for a productive day. Sunlight impacts your mood, your sleep, your hormone levels, your ability to wake up and focus, your immune system and your ability to cope with stress.

In other words if your sunlight exposure is low your whole system gets thrown out of whack.

Researchers in a study published in the Journal of Biological Rhythms titled…

“Office Lighting and Circadian Regulation in Office Workers: Morning Exposure to Daylight and Self-Reported Measures of Sleep, Mood, and Productivity” found that office workers exposed to more morning light slept better, reported lower stress levels, and had significantly higher cognitive performance compared to those in dim artificial light environments. 

So, how does natural light work its magic? Here’s the breakdown:

  1. A Sleep Savior: Early sunlight suppresses melatonin production, the sleep hormone, making you feel naturally more awake and energetic throughout the day. This means better sleep at night and sharper focus during your waking hours.

  2. A Stress Slayer: Sunlight stimulates the production of vitamin D, a key player in regulating mood and stress hormones. Getting your daily dose can help you stay calm and collected, even when deadlines loom.

  3. An Energy Enhancer: Feeling lethargic? Light exposure helps regulate your body temperature, which dips naturally before sleep and rises in the morning. This warming effect gives you a natural energy boost, perfect for tackling that challenging project.

  4. An Attention Ally: Bright light improves alertness and focus, making it easier to concentrate on tasks and avoid distractions. Studies show it can even enhance your working memory, so say goodbye to brain fog!

Here are 3 easy tips to get your natural boost of performance:

  1. Wake up with the sunrise! Open your curtains and let the light flood in, AND step outside for a morning stroll. It’s important to get natural unfiltered sunlight. Sunlight coming through glass is better than none, but the science says the real effects are with no filter. Get outside for just ten minutes and get natural sunlight.

  2. Lighten Up Your Workspace: Position your desk near a window to maximize daylight exposure throughout the day. Invest in a light therapy lamp if your office lacks natural light.

  3. Lunch-break light: Head outside for your lunch break – a quick soak in the sun can do wonders for your afternoon energy and focus.

One last tip, if it’s overcast, getting outside still adds up. Where if it’s sunny you only need 5-10 minutes to get you going, on an overcast day that increases to 15-20. Even that’s not hard if you take a walk in the morning or at lunch.

So, remember, productivity isn’t just about to-do lists and time management. It’s about creating a healthy environment that optimizes your body and mind. Let the sunshine in, and watch your productivity soar!

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