Sleep Music - The best sleep music to use to get a good nights rest and be at your peak productivity the next day

Can certain music truly unlock dreamland’s door for you? 

Today we’re exploring the science behind the soundtrack to a perfect night’s sleep!

We’ll review what the research says and then give you some recommendations you can try out tonight.

A meta analysis study titled “Music and Sound for the Enhancement of Sleep: A Systematic Review” published in the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine, analyzed over 80 studies exploring music’s impact on sleep. 

Researchers found that slow, instrumental music—think gentle piano, soft strings, or calming nature sounds—reign supreme, reducing sleep onset time, improving sleep quality, and even easing insomnia.

Another study titled “Brainwaves and Alpha Music: Implications for Sleep and Attention”: published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, dug deep into the neurological side of sleepy sounds. 

They found that listening to music with a 4-7 Hz frequency range, called alpha waves, directly synchronizes brain activity with a relaxed state, ushering in sleep faster and smoother. So, ditch the rock anthems and embrace the slow, rhythmic lullabies for a deep snooze.

Now, armed with science’s sleep prescription, let’s craft your personalized snooze soundtrack with these tips

  • Tempo matters: Aim for slow, calming melodies in the 60-80 bpm range. Think gentle lullabies, not disco beats.

  • Volume matters: Keep it soft! Loud music can disrupt sleep stages, so whisper those melodies.

  • Instrument matters: Go gentle – piano, strings, nature sounds, and calming vocals are your allies. Avoid drums and heavy instrumentals.

  • Avoid lyrics: Stick to instrumental pieces; singing might keep your mind active.

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Find that perfect playlist, adjust the volume, and let the calming melodies wash over you. Remember, the right music can be the missing piece to unlocking a night of uninterrupted satisfying sleep. Sleep tight

Your move.

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