New Research Reveals Hitting the Snooze Button Will Boost Your Productivity When You’re Short on Sleep

Did your alarm ever wake you up and you hit the snooze button only to feel guilty about it because you feel like you’re doing something wrong?

Today, we’re busting the belief you’ve been told that hitting snooze is a bad thing. New research shows it’s actually good for you and will boost your energy levels getting you ready to have your most productive day yet… 

Today you’ll get a little history on this old belief, we’ll go over the new research and then explain how you put it into action. 

Let’s be honest, hitting snooze to get “nine more minutes” is hard to resist. But for far too long, we’ve been told it’s the productivity equivalent of kryptonite – leading to grogginess, chaos, and ruined to-do lists. 

Turns out that’s not quite right. the snooze might actually be your secret weapon!

New research published in the journal Sleep Health titled:

“The effects of fragmented sleep on morning alertness and cognitive performance: A comparison of naps and multiple alarm snoozes”

compared the effects of napping and multiple alarm snoozes on morning alertness and cognitive performance throughout the day.

While both naps and snoozing resulted in slightly less overall sleep compared to an uninterrupted night, those who snoozed multiple times actually performed better on some cognitive tasks, specifically, speed and memory tests, upon waking compared to those who napped for 30 minutes. 

The researchers suggest that the short, intermittent bursts of sleep from snoozing appear provide a specific type of cognitive boost.

It seems those quick jolts of consciousness from that alarm might be just the jumpstart your brains need. Snoozing keeps you tethered to that precious REM sleep zone, helping you avoid the dreaded sleep inertia trap.

Now, I’m not saying become a champion snoozer. If you consistently sacrifice sleep for the snooze button, you’re setting yourself up for disaster. But for those nights where the Sandman didn’t visit like he promised, hitting that snooze a few times might just give your brain the boost it needs to conquer your day.

So next time you hear that alarm, remember, it’s not just a wake-up call. It’s your personal productivity DJ dropping the beat for a winning morning routine. Go ahead, hit snooze and let your brain wake up on its own terms. You might just surprise yourself with the productive powerhouse you can become on even a short nights rest.

Your move.

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