How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others to Increase Your Productivity, Self Esteem and Happiness

Be honest with yourself for a minute, how often are you comparing yourself to others?

Today, we’re tackling the ultimate productivity thief, the happiness buzzkill, the envy amplifier: comparing yourself to others. 

We’re showing you how to break the habit. We’ll talk about what the research shows and then give you 9 tips to break the habit and unlock your amazing potential that’s being blocked.

Let’s Face it, we’re in an Envy epidemic…everywhere we look there’s a depiction of something you “should have, be or look like”…the worst, scrolling through social media feeds where it often feels like navigating a land of “perfect lives.”

Photoshopped abs, dream vacations, career wins, check that, somehow people winning all the time and never losing…. it’s easy to fall into the comparison trap, feeling a pang of envy and longing for what others have. 

Research shows that all this envy is holding us back from our true potential. 

A study titled”Social Comparison Anxiety in Social Networking Sites” published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, shows that this constant comparing actually undermines our productivity, self-esteem, and happiness. 

Another studies titled “Envy and Productivity: The Unintended Consequences of Social Comparison”: published in the Journal of Business Economics & Policy, delves deeper into the productivity impact of envy. It found that feeling envious of others, triggered by social comparison, actually reduces focus, creativity, and overall productivity. 

And yet another study titled “Social Comparison Orientation and Happiness in Social Media Users” published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, focused on the link between social media use, comparison, and happiness. It found that individuals with a stronger tendency to compare themselves to others on social media tend to experience lower levels of happiness and life satisfaction.

So, how do you step off the hamster wheel of envy and onto the path of personal growth?

Here’s 9 Hacks to Kick Comparison to the Curb:

  1. Wear Gratitude Goggles: Don’t let “doomscrolling” steal your joy. Practice daily gratitude! Write down three things you’re thankful for, even small things. Write it on a note on your phone to it’s always there to reference when you can’t come up with anything. Reciting these things your grateful for turns your focus from others’ blessings to your own.

  2. Be a Cheer Squad  : Celebrate victories of friends and colleagues genuinely. Their success doesn’t diminish yours; it inspires.

  3. Compete with Your Past Self: Forget the Joneses, compete with yourself! Track your progress, compare where you are now to where you started. Celebrate growth, both professional and personal. This fuels self-confidence and drives motivation.
  4. Have Social Media Boundaries: Don’t let curated feeds warp your reality. Set limits! Unfollow accounts that trigger envy, set timers on your phone, and take social media breaks. Remember, less scrolling, more self-loving!

  5. DO a Social Media Detox experiment on yourself: Sometimes, a drastic measure is needed. Quite for two days…Disconnect, unsubscribe, and reconnect with yourself. Use that time to count your blessings, not follower counts and see how you feel after two days.

  6. Use Comparison as Fuel: A little comparison can be a motivator, not a monster! See someone achieving something you admire? Don’t envy, emulate! Use their success as inspiration to work towards your own goals. They’re showing you it’s possible.

  7. Know Your Triggers: Identify what sets off your comparison trap. Is it specific accounts, toxic relationships, or even certain websites? Avoiding triggers or limiting exposure can keep your mind in a positive space.

  8. Embrace the Now: Stop wishing for someone else’s life. Accept where you are, want what you actually already have, acknowledge your challenges, and appreciate your journey. This empowers you to make changes and build the life you truly desire.

  9. Build a Strengths Spotlight: Don’t let comparison dim your inner light. Take time to recognize your unique strengths and talents. Write them down, remind yourself of them, and let your light shine through!

Remember, comparing yourself to others is a recipe for disaster. Choose gratitude, celebrate others, compete with your past self, and set healthy boundaries. Use comparison as a motivator, not a monster, and focus on your strengths. 

By breaking the comparison trap, you unlock your true potential, boost your productivity, and soar towards a life filled with happiness  

Your move…

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