How to Be More Productive

How to Be More Productive
How to Be More Productive

How to be more productive is one of the major things I’ve learned over my twenty years as an entrepreneur. I’ve invested a lot of time, experimenting and finally found the successful formula. And…

If I were to offer you only one high percentage tip (HPT) how you can be more productive not only in your business , but personal life. It’s…

Map things out in simple to follow flow charts so you don’t have to make so many decisions. Keep them on your desk and use them, all the time! I’m giving you one I build for myself, below?, that stopped me feeling overwhelmed of all the things that I need to do for my business.

It all comes down to brainpower and having to make less decisions. You only have so much decision making brainpower to spend in a day.

You want to spend it on the things that give you the highest ROI. Not on…

Coming up with a process or trying to remember a process. Both these things require making a lot of decisions and will drain you. And here’s the thing…

I listened to all the gurus out there say how to be more productive is to make a list of tasks. Rate the tasks. Pick the most important task for the day and spend the first 90 minutes of your day doing it. Or some version of that method. I bet you’ve heard and read the same sort of things. Here’s the trouble…

That approach assumes the task that’s on your list deserves to be on your list. What’s that mean? Well, it’s possible that task should not even be on your list in the first place. It should be given your EA, to someone else, or should not even be on your task lists at all!

Building a task list to be more productive skips a step. You need flow charts. And…

Once you have flow charts to follow you’re going to be more productive and you’re going to do it using a lot less energy.

That means not feeling drained at the end of the day. You know that feeling right?!

So here’s my secret, easy to use, flowchart I’ve come up with for how to be more productive in my life.

Follow the yes/no answers below… Try it right now with a decision you need to make today related to a task.

See it in action right now to make yourself more productive…

How to be more productive free pdf download link

How’s that for how to be more productive? Pretty cool right?!

Use this to screen all your tasks.

I’ve tested this flowchart in about every situation that’s come my way. It’s never broken or let me down from a good sound decision. And…

It’s always led me to be more productive and allowed me to put my head on the pillow at night not feeling totally spent. How good does that feel?!

Beyond the fact that I build this chart for myself and use it daily, I’m so confident that it’s work for you that I invested the time and formatted it in an easy to download and print PDF. And yes, it’s free for you.

Download the free flow chart here >>>

What to do with the Tasks on Your List

Now that you’ve seen the how to be more productive decision flowchart in action you’re probably thinking, “OK Brandon, now how I’m going to be productive with the tasks that are on my list after following this decision flow chart?”

Great question! I’m going to lay all that out in a follow up blog post, Tips and Tricks I’ve Used to Increase my Productivity. And…

I’ll bet you that running all your tasks through the above chart makes figuring that out much easier. Why? Because you simply should not have as many tasks left and if you do, run them through the flow again.

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Can I share the How to Be More Productive Flow Chart?

Yes. Please feel free to pass on the pdf download to friends, co-workers, and anyone else it will help.

What if I don’t have an Executive Assistent (EA) or Virtual Assistant (VA) to delegate tasks?

I highly recommend that you hire a VA at a minimum to help you. You can Google to find lots of VA solutions and if you only hire one for 8 hrs a week it will help you.

What if I can’t afford a EA or VA?

If you are building a company I’d suggest you can’t afford not to hire one. Even if for just a few hours a week. I know, I’ve said that to myself before. And I tried, but it was just too hard to keep my head above water. The scheduling alone for things, or research, sucked up so much time I didn’t have time to do the tasks I needed to do to move my business forward. Figure out a way, there is always a way.

What if I don’t have any employees?

That’s OK. This is a great excuse to hire one. Even if you hire a virtual assistant for 4 hours a week. That is four hours you can spend on higher ROI activities and make more much more productive.

What if I work for someone else and don’t have anyone under me to designate tasks?

My nature is to always be positive and believe there is always a way. Get creative. And as I thought about this question I remembered when I was just starting out. There were times when I just had to do all the work and find a way. That’s why you have a lot of energy when you are young, so you can go harder, longer, with less (not I am saying less, not that it does not effect you) drain on yourself. If this is your case…use the flow chart to at least eliminate tasks that really are not important, or ones where you can’t have an impact. Just filtering those tasks out, will make you more productive.

I’ve got another question about how to be more productive that isn’t answer here. How can I get in touch

1. I have a contact me page with my email and phone number where you can call or text. Drop me a note and I’m do my very best to help you.

Don’t forget to download the PDF version of the How to Be More Productive guide by clicking here

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