Best Apps for Transcribing

Ever find yourself in an in person meeting, on a phone call or in a Zoom meeting and wish you had someone taking notes and who would summarize that meeting?

Well, here’s the Good news for you…with recent advancements in AI apps your wish has come true.

Today we’re giving you three of the best apps for transcribing calls, meetings and your own voice notes. 

First we’ll talk about attributes you want to consider when comparing transcription apps  and then we’ll review three apps, the first two being really good transcription apps and then my top pick and the one I use.

When evaluating transcription apps here’s 5 things you want to consider when comparing them:

  1. Accuracy: How good is it with accents, tricky words like Trello or Fellow and volume of the speaker.

  2. Speed. Simply how fast can it transcribe things because no one really likes waiting a day for results that you need now.

  3. Value for the price

  4. Editing: How easy.

  5. Integrations with products that you already use like your phone, zoom, google meetings, teams, and phone or voice calls and meetings.

Our first one is Sonix.

This is a very accurate transcription app with quick processing time.

It integrates with Zoom, but no google meeting or teams and it also lacks any phone app which is a bummer.

Pricing $10/hour (or $5/hour + $22/month per user)

Sonix pros:

  • Accuracy and speed of transcription (0 mistakes!)
  • A lot of Customization options

Sonix cons: 

  • No meeting transcription available in Meet or Teams or phone app
  • AI summaries leave something to be desired.

If the highest accuracy is what you’re looking for,  take a hard look at Sonix.

Second one to consider is Rev

It does a decent job with accuracy and processing time. It lacks a few features like custom names, the highlight of this transcription app is that that its very affordable.

Pricing is $0.25/min (or $29.99/month for 20 hours). A much cheaper option than Sonix.

Rev pros: 

  • Value for price
  • It has Human transcription options
  • Speed of transcription

Rev cons: 

  • Can’t add a personal dictionary
  • Accuracy is good, but it will miss a few things here and there.

My #1 pick and one I use almost exclusively now, Otter.

I use it the most because it has an IOS app for voice notes, it integrates with all the meeting apps I use the most like Zoom and Google Meet and the AI summaries are very very good. I like the summaries because it gives you a quick read to send to someone that missed the meeting or when you need to review notes from talking about a subject the last time.

Otter has 3 pricing plans, a free plan, $10 and $20/month. Each offers total meeting time and minutes as the benefits. 


  • Indexes Topics
  • Automatically logs onto meetings listed in your calendar.
  • Works good across all use cases from personal voice notes, to meetings.
  • Very good summaries.


  • It’s a great overall app, but doesn’t particularly excel in one area.
  • Customer service is not great if you have an issue.

Give all three of these transcription apps a look, they’re all good in their own ways and they all will make your life more productive by saving you tons of time from having to take notes and writing summaries.

Your move

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