A Visualization That Increase Your Productivity Instantly

Ever start your day in the morning and have such a long list of things to do that you’re literally paralyzed and don’t even know where to start? 

It happens. Today unlocking a secret weapon in your arsenal, a productivity cheat code so potent, you’ll know just which thing to start on that long list.

Today we’ll explain how the power of urgency works, some research showing it works and then give you a visualization that takes about 10 seconds, uses urgency and snaps your mindset into action so you know just what task to work on. Urgency snaps your mindset into a situation where your focus, motivation and clarity multiples itself almost in an instant.

Researchers in a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology titled “Time Scarcity and Procrastination: How Impending Deadlines Hasten Action” found that facing a perceived sudden time crunch – like the visualization I’m going to give you in a minute – triggered a sense of urgency in the subjects that actually enhanced their focus and motivation.

Here’s the visualization and make sure you do this when you’re not driving…. close your eyes and vividly imagine that you just received an emergency text message saying that you need to leave town tomorrow for a month. What’s the one major thing you absolutely need to accomplish before you leave in the morning?

Don’t worry about the regular stuff like packing and paying bills – that’s a given.

Think bigger, think things that absolutely need to get done. That write up on something, fixing something, or it could even be as small as an email that you’ve been avoiding writing to something or a conversation you’ve need to have but been avoiding.  Whatever it is, hold on to that thought….

Feel the adrenaline surge, picture yourself scrambling to get things done. See yourself completing that one crucial task in the whirlwind before your departure. Imagine what a relief you feel. How does it feel to have gotten that thing done? Good right?!

This isn’t just fantasizing, it’s rewiring your brain for action. You’re harnessing the power of urgency to create a laser-sharp focus on what truly matters getting done.

Now, open your eyes, but don’t let the urgency fade. 

Channel that energy into your real-world to-do list. Treat every day like that last day before your imaginary trip. 

Prioritize ruthlessly, eliminate distractions, and tackle your goals with newfound zeal.

 Remember, you don’t need an actual emergency to reap the benefits of this exercise. This visualization is your instant productivity switch, your on-demand motivation boost. So, unleash your inner action hero, channel the “Gotta Get Outta Town!” mindset, and watch your productivity skyrocket.

Your move

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