A Marketing Plan That Fits on a Notecard

A Marketing Plan That Fits on a Notecard

The quest to make things less complicated, short, but useful, is one I’ve been on since embarking on writing a book. Well, correction, for lifetime. And…

When you come across something so simple and useful it’s refreshing. I read a version of the below Marketing Plan this past week. It’s great. I took the liberty of adding a few things to it that I’ve found useful.

It’s not new or magical, but it works and it’s a great reminder of the basics. See what you think…

  1. People who have heard of your company, product or service: Do product demos, influencer videos, and review videos.
  2. People who have shown interest in your company, product or service– Show testimonials, reviews, and give special offers.
  3. People who have purchased — do up-sells, cross-sells, get testimonials and reviews, offer referral mechanisms/affiliate programs.

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