How to Improve Your Focus When Working From Home with This Free Tool | Ep. 52 – Business Podcast

How to Improve Your Focus When Working From Home with This Free Tool
How to Improve Your Focus When Working From Home with This Free Tool


Everyone is working from home now and finding it’s not as easy as it sounded.

Good news is that I’ve been working from a home office for most of career and I found this free app will zone you in like nothing else I’ve found. Add in this free site on YouTube you’ll be in an amazing productive zone. 

Give these free apps a try and let me know what you think.

Find the apps at:

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Hello, friends. Welcome to another episode of Build a Business Success Secrets. I am your host, Brandon C White. And today it may sound like I’m coming from a coffee shop, but I’m not. I recently discovered a bookmark that I had from a long time ago. I was going through bookmarks, and it is called the Calm office, and I’ve come up with a recipe to help concentrate more.

When I’m working from my home office on, I’ve got something sort of magical that I found.

Let’s not waste another second. Let’s get to it. So let’s face it, working from home can be tough and there’s tons of distractions. I’ve been lucky enough to been working from home since my twenties, and I still find it occasionally tough to not be distracted or not. Toe have distracting sounds, but recently I was going through some bookmarks looking for an old bookmark and I stumbled upon a site that I had listened to a while ago.

I don’t know why I got away from it, but it’s called the calm office, and it’s at It is founded by a doctor, I’m going to get his name a little bit wrong because he’s from Belgium, Stefan Pigeon. And he is a doctor and a professor of noise, and he’s a noise engineer, and he’s engineered this super cool app that you can adjust and create background noise.

Now I’m going to turn this down for a minute, and later on we’ll get to the little secret that I discovered that I’m going to call a concentration sandwich or compound ID concentration and let me talk about this app real quick cause it’s really cool.

So he has a bunch of different noises or background ambient noises that you can choose from. I like the cafe restaurant. I can’t explain why, but coffee shops have always been a place where I felt more creative.

I’m able to zone in or zone out or get in the flow. What, however, you want to describe that? I’m sure you’ve been in that feeling before, so I’ve picked this one and he has different things that you can control.

You can control the rumble, the restaurant noise, the chatter. There’s a little chatter for you. You can do the pseudo babble, the mass cocktail party babble, the cafe, which I like the table noise or the kitchen noise, and you can control each one of these.

You can actually set it. It’ll set. You can save it as a url. And here’s a really cool part.

This is all free now. I have no financial interest. I have no business interest. I did donate. He asked for donations, and I found it so useful, and I was so glad to find it. And the impact has been so great on me the last few weeks that I donated some money and I’ll probably continue to give.

But here’s the science behind it. There’s a bunch of studies out there, and I pulled up one that was relatively easy to find called Is Noise always bad exploring the effects of ambient noise on creative cognition.

And this was in the Journal of Consumer Research, and it dates back to 2012. But it’s an interesting study in I’ll summarize it that a mid level noise increases your creativity and the ability to concentrate, and subsequently there has been some other studies. I pulled up some of the references in this one, and I found a new one where they’ve basically been able to replicate this.

And it’s the whole philosophy behind white noise and how you get a baby to sleep and how you might have a white noise machine on. When you do sleeper, you, maybe you listen to the ocean. All of those things really help. And I know the ocean. We live right here in Half Moon Bay on the ocean, and we can hear the ocean all night and we leave our windows open, even though it gets really cold so that we can listen and we just sleep much better.

But the same goes to apply to concentrating, and especially now a lot of people are finding themselves working from home. When they didn’t work from home from the past and you might get distracted, you might hear a dog bark. You might hear somebody outside. You might hear the leaf blower of somebody in your neighborhood, which I hear all the time and I hate.

And what happens is is that your brain picks up on these things. And if your brain actually here’s a someone speaking in a language or what appears to be, it will try to focus in on that. It’s just a innate phenomenon.

Let’s say that that happens in the brain. So if you have some ambient noise behind you that your brain can’t quite make out exactly what it is, then it will filter out that noise because it almost masks it or it trains your brain not to pay attention to that.

I actually always had music on in the background. I don’t know how I got it, but I have to need us in my ears. So sometimes I hear ringing for no good reason. And I’ve always had music in the background, which does help.

But it doesn’t quite do what this sound cafe, if you will, or you can find it again at my noise dot net and I listened to the cafe restaurant. It doesn’t do what this doesn’t, and this is just it’s got.

Tons of people have used these types of things. This one is really good, and I think it’s because this guy records these sounds and he’s a sound mixer, theyre extraordinary.

Now, let me tell you, the rial other piece of magic that I found is while this really gets you in the zone. I’m gonna turn it up a little bit for you here so you can hear it. This’ll really gets you in the zone. What I’ve done is I combine it with some study music.

Now I stream some study music off of YouTube. I like the cafe music be G M channel. They’ve got a bunch of different types of mixes or live streams. I like the study playlist.

Let’s see if I can dig that up real quick. I had a working coffee. Um, one on there. We owe now. As you can see, I’m dialing this in a little bit. I got music on on. I’m gonna turn down this e cafe a little bit. E.

Just listen to this for a minute. Just on this sandwich, this concentration sandwich or a compound in concentration, whatever you wanna call it, it’s just it’s magical on.

I think you should try this if you need to concentrate at home or you’re having challenges or even if you’re working in an office this I found that working in in open office environment can be challenging unto itself.

As well, and this has not only helped me, but it’s proven. There’s many studies that show this. There’s one other study is they did a concentration and creativity study, but they found that your brain I don’t know how to put it without pulling this up, but it it has better cognition.

It’s sharper when this happens, and they compared groups and control groups and people who were listening and they controlled volumes. You don’t wanna listen to this really loud. You want it just above low. And when you get that right, you could hear me tuning that in when I was tuning in the music.

But if you play this, you can my noise dot net and you combine it with something free. This is all free from YouTube. Like I said, I like and I have no interest in it, but cafe music B, g M channel.

They’ve got working coffee, good mood mood, jazz and mellow cafe music for a worker study, and you just you really just dial in.

So check this out. I think you’ll enjoy it and write me and tell me what you think. Drop me an email at [email protected] and thank you friends for tuning into the show. If you enjoyed this episode, please rate review. We want to hear from you and subscribe so you don’t miss any of our weekly episodes.

Until the next time. Remember, you are just one business plan away. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon.

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