How Changing This One Word in Your Self Talk Increases Your Confidence and Reduces Self Doubt | Ep. #28 Min Podcast

How Changing This One Word in Your Self Talk Increases Your Confidence and Reduces Self Doubt


Be careful what you say because you’re listening. And a lot of the time we think we’re giving ourselves a good pep talk, but we’re really self sabotaging ourselves.

Psychologists have studied self talk and compared results in different difficult tasks. While there are a lot of different things you can say to yourself to get yourself through, they found that changing just this one word was the difference between success and not such good success.

The beauty of this high percentage tip (HPT) is that you can immediately put it into action and see results. Check out this episode, you’re going to love it ?

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Hello, friends. Welcome to another episode of Build a Business success Secrets and I am your host, Brandon. See White. And today I have an H p t for you so that you can talk to yourself better. We as entrepreneurs air always having this internal dialogue with ourselves, and we hear No, we hear that’s not possible or that’s going to be really hard. And the key is having this dialogue with yourself but having the right dialogue and saying the right things to yourself so that you don’t wind up in this downward spiral and actually believe the stories that people tell you Those stories aren’t riel. They’re just stories that you’ve made up in your head, and there’s an internal dialogue that you want to have so that you aren’t falling victim to that sort of self talk. You’re gonna love this H P T. Check it out. Let’s get to it. We, as entrepreneurs, are always having this dialogue with ourselves, and we’re always having to talk to ourselves because sometimes we just don’t have a fan base that’s cheering for us all the time. When you are doing something different when you are doing something new. When you are doing something creative, you are likely going to be misunderstood. And with that it means that your biggest fan is you and a lot of the times. What we do is we talk to ourselves in the first person, which is I can do this. And we’ve been trained by amateurs to say I could do this. I’m strong, I’m healthy. I’m skinny. I’m this on that. And actually, studies show that if you use the third person that it’s much, much more effective. So here’s all you have to. Dio is changed to the third person and say, You could do this. You’ve got this. You are creative. You do have a good idea. You can climb that hill, you can lose £10. You can build the business of your dreams. You can make a lot of money. You can lose those £10. That totally changes the game. And let me tell you some science to back that up. So according to psychology, today, third person distances yourself from the situation so it removes the emotions and get you focusing on the situation that you can dio. And there’s a ton of other studies. There was a study done by the University of Michigan, another psychology today article MSU clinical psychology lab back this up and found that emotional distress dropped when third person soft talk was used. So change it from I to you and you can increase the effectiveness of yourself. Talk pretty easy, huh? I’ve been using this for a few years now and it does make a difference. I can’t give you the exact description of why or how it feels different, but I do know that the results are different. So I highly encourage you to try this. All you have to dio is change it from I to you and then finish it with you. Can you believe you are? And you’ve got an easy H p t to put in the action today to increase your effectiveness and decrease that self doubt that all of us get. When you get all that negative feedback coming in, it can be really hard. And this simple trick H p t can change all that. Hey, if you enjoyed this episode, please hit. Subscribe to make sure that you get all of our weekly episodes and rate us Let us know how you’re doing. I love to read the reviews and hear what? Until the next episode? Remember, you are just one business plan away. I’m rooting for your success. We’ll see you soon.

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