Are You a Bison or a Cow? And How To Be the Right One | Ep. 34 Mind Podcast

Are You a Bison or a Cow? And How To Be the Right One
Are You a Bison or a Cow? And How To Be the Right One


Are you a bison or a cow? This is a parable I read when I need a little motivation to get things done and helps me avoid that feeling of overwhelm.

Sometimes we all need just a little push and this will do it.

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Hello, friends. Welcome to another episode of Build A Business Success Secrets. I am your host, Brandon C. White. And today we’re gonna find out if you are a buffalo or a Cow. Which one are you?

I’m not gonna even waste a single second. Let’s get right to it. My wife You that night were sitting around a dinner last night and talking about her new side hussle business, which is, of all things, a dog agility training center.

If you don’t know what dog agility is, it’s when these dogs do obstacles. So they do weave poles and they do jumps and they do teeters. And they do all these incredible tricks, if you will, on these obstacles, and it’s generally timed, and there’s different games that they play that are timed.

So sometimes you’re doing a clean run where you don’t have a bar, fall on a jump, and sometimes you’re going for time and most of time you’re doing a combination, but this business found her, and that’s a story for another day.

But we were talking about a personnel issue that she was having, and she was really struggling with it because it’s always uncomfortable to address something right away, and I said, Just do it right now, she said. I’ll think about it. Not crafty email tomorrow. I was like, No, we’ve talked about it. You know what? You want to do it just you’re not gonna even sleep well.

And this applies for anything you’ve ever had that happen where you put it off and you don’t sleep well or on a Friday, you don’t do it and it sits in your mind all weekend and it just ruined your weekend or go ruin a Monday or Tuesday. Whatever it is, I said, Let’s just do it. Let’s just do it right now And she said, Oh, you always run right at things.

And I said, I’m a buffalo. And here’s the story behind why I said I was a buffalo and I wrote this in a blog post that you can check out at I actually sent it out on the email recently, right before a weekend, because it’s these little things that weigh on our mind that can just ruin our day on top of all the other crazy stuff that you have going on, especially times like this where it’s just weighing on you.

One less thing to take out of your mind and let it rest is gonna be better.

Colorado is famous for the Rocky Mountains, and that’s what generally people talk about. But what people don’t realize is that it actually has great Plains, and it’s divided almost exactly into two. And it’s one of the only places in the country where buffalo and cows room together.

And here’s what happens.

The in general storms travel west to east and a storm will be coming and a cow will see that storm coming and they’ll start running to the east away from it. But cows air really slow, and what happens is the storms catch them and they wind up continuing to run with the storm.

And they stay in the storm so long that they’re exhausted. They’re wet, they’re tired. And it was a terrible experience.

Now the buffalo, on the other hand, are interesting, and they’re one of the only species that actually does this. They see the storm coming over the horizon and they start running right at it as fast as they can, and they stay in it. But guess what happens

While they do experience the storm, I’m sure you guessed it by now. Their exposure is not as long because they run right through it to the other side.

So this part is where when I say I’m a buffalo, where that comes from and I think there’s some things that we all we all want to procrastinate. Procrastination for whatever reason is in our human nature, mainly because mainly because humans want to avoid pain.

So avoiding pain when you have to confront something, creates procrastination, and I’m guilty of it like anybody. It’s really hard. But when we come up on a weekend or we’re really dealing with something that’s big running at, it will decrease your frustration and pain that you experience.

And I can report back because I’m recording this on a, what is this today, recording this on a Thursday and that night had dinner last night on Wednesday, and she looked at her sleep score because we monitor our sleep with this really cool monitor and she said, Oh my God, my deep sleep was up and I can almost guarantee you, and she would admit that had we not run right at that and put that thing to rest last night during dinner, right afterwards, she probably wasn’t going to sleep well.

And then you wake up in the middle of the night and you got all these things going through your head and then you’re making up stories in your head, Which I have another episode that I recorded with Kelly that you could check out about the stories we make up on our head and had some tips how to fix that.

So I’m gonna give you three HPT’s high percentage tips on how to transform yourself.

If you’re more cow into a buffalo number one, I want you to make a list right now of the top three things that are weighing on your mind. That if you got done, would rest your mind a little. And I want you to rank those and I don’t want you to make this perfect. We all on. I’m guilty of it. Wanna make it perfect like I’ll let me wait till I get my notebook.

Don’t wait. Get a piece of scrap paper If you’re driving right now, listening to this just play it in your mind three things and rank them.

Then what I want you to do is take the number one thing I want you to figure out if you can give that to someone else to solve, or that you need to solve it. Now, if you need to give it to someone else to solve, you can give it to someone else to solve, like a virtual assistant or whoever. That is someone who works for you.

Then I want you to do that. I want you to stop the podcast right now, although not in my best self interest, because I want you to play it all the way to the end. But stop it right now and make a phone call. Or, if you’re at your computer, send an email or if you send a text, however you communicate and get that person lined up to do it.

If you have to do it, then I want you to stop the podcast. And if you’re driving a soon as you pull over wherever you need to do. I don’t wanna have anything in the middle between this moment and you’re getting that done and just run right at it.

And I promise you it is going to be painful, most likely, but you’re going to feel better.

So again, just a quick review of these three. HPT’s.

One, make a list of your top three things that are weighing on your mind that you’ve got to get done that you could be avoiding pic number one. Figure out if you could do it yourself or delegate it. If you delegate it, call the person right now.

Make it happen on the number three. If you have to do it yourself. Don’t let anything get between you and doing it and especially do this on a Thursday or a Friday so it doesn’t weigh on your mind because there’s nothing worse than having to go through a weekend or the days and then we start making up these stories. And what if What if they do this? And what if they do that?

So with that, be the buffalo, All right. I hope you enjoyed that little parable and it gave you some tips to be the buffalo run into that storm. Get that pain over with and I promise you’ll feel better.

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