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3 Signs Youre Burning Out
3 Signs Youre Burning Out


Burn out is a real thing that can happen to Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and/or Founders. It creeps up slowely and before you know it you’re burning out. 

This episode provides three signs that you are burning out. See if you have any of them.

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Hello Friends, Welcome to the Edge. Today we’re talking about burnout. We use business owners work are asses off and sometimes we don’t even realize when burnout creeps up on you. But if you can recognize the signs, you can fend it off. And I’ve been able to do that a few times. One time I sort of come to it, it’s sort of crept up on me because I was ignoring it.

But I’m gonna give you three signs that you have burned out. And some suggestions on what you can do to fend off and recharge your energy. Welcome to the Edge podcast, Your weekly playbook about the inner game of building a successful business, making you a happier, healthier and richer business owner. And here’s your host Brandon White Number one, you are chronically exhausted. Now this can be a tricky one that I found because sometimes you’re just not getting enough sleep. Now that can lead to burnout. So what you need to do to really find out if you have this deep, what I’ll call burnout is start keeping track of your sleep. I use a thing called sleep tracker.

It has a sensor underneath my mattress and it automatically does it because I found that when I was trying to do it on my phone and all these other devices, it just didn’t work right. And this is really easy. The sensors are underneath there. And when I go to bed in general, it figures that out. It measures my breathing, all these sorts of things. My deep sleep And from there I can tell them. It gives me a sleep score.

So if I get 60’s for several days or even weeks or months in a row, then I know that just that one thing can do that. So the first thing that I would suggest to do if you feel like you’re chronically exhausted is adjust your sleep the best you can and then once you’ve adjusted your sleep, then reassess yourself and say, okay, am I still exhausted? Because what can happen is burnout can creep up on you from this mental load that just keeps happening when you’re under stress and you’re going hard really hard.

Sometimes I find like I’m more tired from a full day in the office than I am from riding three hours on my bike and climbing 4000 ft? It’s just that your brain is burning so many calories in processing all these things, especially when you’re making a lot of decisions all the time and you may be starting out high risk or you’re growing your company where you’re launching a new product or whatever that is. So check in with yourself and the first thing you do is check on your sleep, the second tale tale sign that you are potentially getting burned out is that you’re getting sick. Do you find yourself with us definitely knows more often. Do you find yourself getting a sore throat?

Are you having to take a day off or sit down for a few hours and you still keep going. So if you find that, that that’s your body telling you that you need to step back a minute and take some rest? So check in with yourself and see if you’re getting sick regularly. The third telltale sign that you may be getting burned out is you’re always being cynical and I know this about myself when I start getting negative and I start listening to myself and I started thinking that’s not like me, I don’t talk like that and it’s because I’m just exhausted and once I hear that, because you hear this in yourself, you’ve got to listen to yourself, you need to make an adjustment. And what I do is I go back to my sleep and make sure that I’m getting three meals a day for myself. I make sure that I’m drinking enough water.

A lot of things can happen from just not drinking water. I know that sounds a little simple and crazy, but the truth of the matter is if you’re chronically dehydrated for weeks on end, that can have a really negative impact. Even if you’re getting sleep on your well being. So that’s another thing to check in on checking your sleep, checking in your water and checking in on yourself, listen to yourself. Like I said, I can hear myself and as soon as I do that I’m like, okay, I gotta make an adjustment or this is not gonna end well? Those are three tips again, are you chronically exhausted? Do you get sick more frequently than you used to and number three? Are you being cynical? Those are the three tips.

However, I’ve got one more sign of burnout that you can grab the download in the show notes and I outlined that and have a little worksheet for you, grab the download, use it as a checklist to take inventory on yourself and make sure you don’t get burned out. Thanks for tuning in today and we’ll see in the next episode. Thanks for being generous with your time and joining us for this episode of the edge.

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