12 Qualities That Make the Best Team Members

12 Qualities That Make the Best Team Members

This is from the Team Slide chapter of the book I wrote, that’s in the middle of being edited right now, on how to build a business plan in 11 slides.

See if you agree with the list I’ve come up with over the years.

Don’t compromise on your team members.

Here’s the deal…

Building a business is hard and the statistics say that no matter how good your product/service, the odds are against you. Because of this, you need to control every variable that you can control.

In this case, that means being strict on hiring team members. You can’t afford to waste time managing a bad egg or money paying them to do work they’re not getting done.

The twelve traits I look for when hiring people that you can use as a guide.

The overarching principle was best put into words by a US Army Special Operations Unit I had the honor of working with.

“Selection is an ongoing process.”

Just because you get selected to be on the team, doesn’t mean you’re entitled to be on it. You earn that spot every day.

People aren’t perfect, but I’ve found you want people to have at least 90% of each one of the following traits.

If you accept going lower, the risk of a bad team member increases exponentially:

  1. Self Teaching and Problem Solving

    Person must be a self starter. Able to do research and teach themselves how to do something by finding instruction and learning without a “structured” environment and without being told to do so.
  2. Introspection, Self Reflection, Judgement

    Must be able to look within with an honest lens, critique one’s self to improve. Able to hear and process criticism.
  3. Bias Towards Action

    Better to make a decision than none at all.

  4. Subordinate to the Company’s Mission

    The mission of the company to succeed is bigger than oneself and even when they disagree (see #10), if voted against, they fall in line and do not have a “I told you so” attitude.

  5. Comfortable with Ambiguity

    Able to work in and thrive in ambiguity.
  6. Honestly
    with Others and Ones Self

    Speaks for itself.
  7. Physical Health

    Values being healthy and recognizes the benefits. Understands their own needs and how health affects all areas of their life.
  8. Tenacity

    Understands that there are times where the mind will want to give up. The person has a will to push through to keep going
  9. Risk Tolerance
    Willing to take risks and make mistakes with the confidence they can fix it and find a correct path.
  10. Willing to Challenge Authority

    Willing to speak up when they don’t agree.

  11. Respect for Others

    Respects people as humans.
    If this needs further explanation, the person is a no go.

  12. Will Ask for Help When They Need It

    Asking for help is hard sometimes. The person knows when they’re at their limit of trying to solve

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