Mythic Markets Joe Mahavuthivanij Offers Advice for Startup Founders | Ep. 164 Business Podcast

Mythic Markets Joe Mahavuthivanij Offers Advice for Startup Founders
Mythic Markets Joe Mahavuthivanij Offers Advice for Startup Founders


Joe Mahavuthivanij is the founder of Mythic Markets and is a repeat entrepreneur. In this episode you get his top tips for startup founders.

This episode is an outtake from our conversation in episode #26 where Joe shared his story of how his life journey led him to founding Mythic Markets. He met his founders at Comic Con if you can believe that.

Mythic Markets is an investing platform and community for pop culture fans. They are VC backed and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Check out his story in episode #26 after listening to this episode with his top tips.


Hello Friends, welcome to the show. 

Did you know that? An episode #26? We had an a conversation with joe, the founder of Mystic Markets about how he created a business that allows you to invest in things you never thought possible. 

Comic books, all sorts of cool things in this episode we pulled his three H. P. T. S. High percentage tips from his long career, interesting career. A lot of when he turns as an entrepreneur And if you enjoy these three tips of his you’re gonna want to go back and listen to episode # 26. 

How where Joe and I had a really great conversation about how he wound up where he is with mystic markets and this whole new phenomenon that’s allowing people to invest in things that you just never thought would be possible. 

Here we go, welcome to build a business success secrets. 

The only podcast that provides straight talk for entrepreneurs whether you’re an entrepreneur starting with an idea or growing your business. This show is for you. We’ll teach you how to build a strong mindset, powerful body and profitable business so you can achieve success and here’s your host Brandon. See White, could you give us three HTS for entrepreneurs who are either just starting out or in the middle of their idea and and just maybe getting some revenue or testing it, what three things would you offer to them as advice moving forward? 

I mean I think if you’re just starting out one thing that I see a lot of people do too much of or and not enough of is like kind of like hoarding their idea and like not talking about it because like, you know my idea is so good, it’s a billion dollar idea, you need to sign India and also this stuff and just talk to as many people as possible around it. 

Like nobody’s going to steal your idea, like it’s you know, your execution, you know, it’s like cliche and kind of tried at this point, but like it’s all about execution and without talking about it, you don’t know if people actually want what you’re doing and ideas are are cheap and it’s difficult to bring people around you to work with you on these things. 

Like if nobody knows about it also a hallmark of like a good founder as well as you know, as I still look for in entrepreneurs that like I want to invest in but not on the venture side at the moment but primarily on the angel side. 

But yeah, so that’s something that, that is really important. 

I think it’s also really important to, you know, really embraced competition in the same way as like, oh, you know, you know, I got this other company that’s doing the same thing and they have money and I don’t or they’re moving faster or whatever. 


Like, you know, it’s really important to be aware of like what other people are doing to inform maybe to inform like what you are doing as an entrepreneur, but you know, I think like focusing on that, it really doesn’t help, it’s not terribly motivating, like you know, a lot of people will quit as soon as they see someone else doing it, even if it’s like google or something and really just not being afraid of that because you’re running your own race and frankly pursuing a different mission probably move as quickly as possible, okay, you do need to get as much done as quickly as possible because and and frankly like I’m not saying like you know, and this is probably part of the pernicious attitude of the Bay Area which is like just constantly like hustling and and so forth, but but it’s something I have noticed is that like it’s really important to to move as quickly as possible as if someone was chasing you, like trying to take it away from you all the time, it’s really easy to get complacent and you know kind of good to make that motivation in the same way you would make your competitors as sort of a motivating factor, you know, you don’t want to put too much emphasis and worry on it, but like in some ways it is good to be a little bit a little bit paranoid, which I, I don’t know, I just wouldn’t let it kind of take over my life, thanks for being generous with your time and joining us for this episode of build a business success secrets before we go, let me ask you a quick question, Are you the type of person who wanted to get 100% out of your time? 


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