What We’ve Learned from Recording 200 Podcast Episodes Joined by Gia | EP. 201 | Business Podcast

What We Have Learned from Publishing 200 Podcast Episodes


Yesterday we published our 200th episode of the EDGE Podcast. We launched the EDGE on Monday July 6, 2020 and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

The name was originally Build a Business Success Secrets. We figured out a few things about using a name that long the hard way, did some introspection, brainstorming and changed it to EDGE.

If you’re interested in the whole name change decision listen to episode 139 where we lay it all out for you.Join Gia, our Director of Operations, and I in this episode as we talk about lessons we’ve learned in podcast production, podcast promotion across social media channels, podcasting equipment, recording studio lessons, and a lot more.

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