The Screenwriting Business with Geoffrey D. Calhoun | Ep. 302 | Business Podcast

The Screenwriting Business with Geoffrey D. Calhoun
The Screenwriting Business with Geoffrey D. Calhoun


Geoffrey D. Calhoun is the best selling author of The Guide For Every Screenwriter and host of the #1 international podcast The Successful Screenwriter. He wrote his first script after being challenged to write a screenplay by a friend of his who worked in the television industry.

After writing the neo-noir thriller Pink Bunny, which was later optioned, Calhoun decided to begin screenwriting fulltime.   He has been nominationed for many awards including the coveted Louis Mitchell Award for Excellence in Screenwriting, voted best author, and has also been listed as a Top 100 Indie Writer in the World. 

We talk about what it takes to write a great screenplay how to write a great screen play and some new facts about Star Wars Brandon never knew.

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The Successful Screenwriter


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