Coffee with Danielle – What We Do For Employee Benefits | EP. 209 | Business Podcast

What We Do For Employee Benefits with Danielle Jenkins
What We Do For Employee Benefits with Danielle Jenkins


With a tight job market employee benefits have never been as important. 

In this episode of Coffee with Danielle she and I talk about what employee benefits we offer. 

Listen in to hear what we offer. If you have an innovative employee benefit we want to hear from you. Write us at B @ and include the name of your business so we can give you a shout out.

Links from the show:

About the EDGE’s Friday Show
 Every Friday Danielle Jenkins, founder of Domestic Divas, and I talk shop over coffee.
 Danielle and I each run businesses doing millions in revenue each year. We grab a coffee and pull back the curtain on our businesses.
 We talk about what’s working, what’s not, what software and systems we use, sales and marketing, our own wellness and other challenges and solutions we’ve discovered running a business. It’s a casual, honest conversation that you’ll walk away with some things you can use to run and build your business.

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